They say a picture is worth a thousand words—and if you want to see that maxim in action, look no further than the infographic. Studies show that websites with infographics bring in about 12% more traffic than those without infographics (AnsonAlex). These images have the ability to take information that might otherwise seem confusing and boring (think stats and timelines) and relay it in understandable and engaging ways.

So how can you incorporate infographics into your marketing? We asked experts in the industry to share their best ideas:

Melanie Musson

Melanie Musson

Melanie Musson is a writer for She’s passionate about getting information to her readers in the way they’ll understand best.

Put statistics into a comparison

As soon as most people get to written-out statistics in a post, their minds switch to wander mode and you lost them. You might have the most interesting comparison to make, but if you throw a few numbers out there, your audience is gone. If you put those statistics into a comparison on an infographic, suddenly your same audience is riveted. The information makes sense. If you’re listing more than one statistic, consider an infographic for the presentation.

Effective and clear communications

Infographics have become an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly way to communicate important information. As a corporate social responsibility practitioner, I have found that the use of infographics has become crucial to effective and clear communications. For instance, as community programs were created and launched, it was helpful to leverage infographics to showcase the program additions to employees.

Using infographics has also been most helpful in highlighting growth and participation in existing programs. The ability for viewers to easily digest the information and clearly understand the reasoning of sharing these details has been a huge value add where communications have been concerned.

I have also found that by including buttons for sharing, the content is more easily socialized and can aid in branding the programs that I lead. The introduction of infographics into communications has been a game-changer, particularly in an age where attention spans have been greatly decreased due to the prevalence of social media.

Tyler Butler

Tyler Butler

Founder & Principal

Tyler Butler is a corporate social responsibility practitioner and often serves as a subject matter expert, public speaker, and contributor. Tyler is also an innovator in the CSR niche, leading programs for large companies such as Microsoft. You can find her at

Aiden Angeli

Aiden Angeli

Aiden Angeli is a Senior Marketing Consultant and founder of She assists business owners in getting on Google’s good side. When Aiden isn’t mastering digital marketing, you can see Aiden on TV or in films. She’s an actress and writer by default. Aiden is also a fierce momma bear to a puppy.

Powerful strategies

Business cards

Infographics on business cards are a creative way to introduce fun facts or impressive production statistics about your company to potential or new clients. [Engaging] business cards are less likely to be thrown away.

Blog post

[You can] simplify a complex idea with an infographic and include it in a blog post. Infographics are more likely to be shared on social media or in other blog posts, creating backlinks to your website. Infographics are still one of the most powerful strategies in link building and SEO efforts. Use Google Images to search for your infographic and request backlinks from individuals that forgot to link back to your website.


Compare your product or service to a competitor using an infographic. Consumers like comparisons and will always seek one out if not provided to them. Take control by offering a comparison, thereby highlighting the details you want to take center stage. You can effectively assist the consumer with comparison shopping without them navigating away from your company in order to do so.

Report-based infographics

One of the ways you can use an infographic is to drive traffic to your site with it. Create an infographic of helpful statistics about your domain. Statistics, case study information, and reports are valuable information. Creating statistical or report-based infographics will not only bring more traffic but will also create links to your site. This is a great way to improve your site’s SEO.

Debashri Dutta

Debashri Dutta, Content Marketer at

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