10 Accountant Competencies Infographic

Accounting is crucial for all organizations, and accountants’ duties vary based on client needs and job positions. While specific hard or technical skills may differ, there are common skills that all accountants need. Curious to know what these skills are? Read to learn more.

  • Interpersonal skills are crucial for accountants as they frequently collaborate in teams and with clients, necessitating effective communication.
  • Persuasion is essential for accountants to effectively communicate ideas and inspire action from superiors, colleagues, and clients.
  • Organization is key for accountants who handle data from multiple sources, meet deadlines, and stay compliant with reporting standards and regulatory changes.
  • Analytical skills are more important as automation handles tasks like data entry and reconciliation. This shift gives accountants more time for meaningful tasks like analyzing data for insights and strategic advice.
  • Critical thinking involves evaluating information and making judgment calls. Accountants must analyze today’s data to project future implications, making this skill closely related to analytical abilities.
  • Flexibility and adaptability are crucial in the ever-evolving accounting world, where new technologies and regulations require accountants to adjust to client demands quickly.
  • Accountants need to multitask to meet client deadlines and consult with various stakeholders. Staying updated with continuing education credits is also important for time management.
  • Industry expertise is crucial in accounting due to the varying practices across different industries. Specialized skills lead to a deeper understanding of specific subjects.
  • Customer service is crucial for accountants as they work closely with their clients. They must be responsive to clients’ needs and even anticipate them. A pleasant demeanor is also beneficial.
  • Integrity and ethics are crucial for accountants as their actions impact people inside and outside the company. Upholding honesty, objectivity, and ethical standards is vital for the organization’s financial health and economy.

source: https://www.trustbgw.com/blog/10-surprising-skills-every-accountant-needs-to-succeed


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