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Are you doing well with your small business? If no, you need to find a new channel of product distribution and that is through e-commerce sites. If yes, you still need to build your own website. The competition has shifted to the online world. People are no longer buying in your traditional boutique. Even services are already ordered through e-commerce sites. Your business must not be left behind by the competition. But, how can you start your own website? This infographic will show a list of 11 best possible solutions for your e-commerce.

1. The first strategy that you can take advantage of is the software-as-a-service type of solution. It is affordable and can be efficient for small, medium and big businesses.

2. You can opt for a platform that will allow you to upload unlimited images that can serve as shopping visuals for your inventories. One of these is the Squarespace. It has full modules for website creation and it provides different templates and layouts that could fit well to your inventory items.

3. If you are more techie and your small business has a large number of items, you can opt for a cloud-based service. It allows you to increase the inventory or products to ensure that customers will have many options.

4. For elastic commerce sites, Magento is your best choice. Aside from being an open source, the flexibility in the use of this site is very high. You can add some features, details, layouts, and templates that you deemed appropriate for your site.

5. Guess you already knew about it, but not everybody understands how Shopify works. It is a cart tool that allows users to shop all the products they want and it is accumulated in the online cart. When the customer is done adding all the items he needs, he can proceed to check out and buy them and pay them altogether. This makes your service much easier and hassle-free for the customers.

6. BigCommerce is popular for small scale up to medium-sized online stores. If you want to grow your business online, using this tool can greatly help your goal. Some owners of small business disregard the value of online revolution but the trend has become very noticeable especially in the 21st century. Shopping is now a clicked away and payment for this product should be made easy and secured.

7. If you want to build a website for your business but don’t have much dollar to spend on paid website builders, you can try out on It has an eCommerce feature that would allow you to store and sell your items. You can set it for free at first, explore the site and then get its premium account. That would give your site more flexibility and you can choose from many good layouts, templates, design and website dynamics.

8. Are you familiar with 3dcart and X-cart cloud? These are not so popular websites but it has rich features that would be useful for your small business as it starts with its internet marketing strategies.



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