10 Cardboard Recycling Ideas Infographic

After moving into your new place, you may wonder what to do with all those cardboard boxes. Here are ten creative ways to repurpose them. Cardboard boxes can make great rustic plant boxes, providing a home for your precious plant babies and aiding in their growth through composting. Consider a DIY cardboard playhouse, princess castle, spaceship, or pirate ship if you have young children. For those who prefer personalized cards over impersonal, commercialized thank you and birthday cards, cardboard is perfect for creating something unique. If you own a cat, consider making a scratching post. This can protect your furniture from scratches while earning you brownie points with your feline friend. Cardboard boxes are also perfect for wrapping large presents such as giant stuffed bears, guitars, bean bags, or tricycles. For everyday visible items, cardboard boxes can be transformed into storage boxes with a makeover using burlap and glue, making them both functional and attractive. Creating a cardboard dollhouse can be a fun project for children, providing endless fun for assembling, decorating, and playing. Cardboard also makes great drawer dividers for organizing your junk drawer or separating small items, especially those used for separating and protecting dishware. You can also make homemade decorative letters. Cut out large letters, paint them, and add finishes like glitter, gloss, or sandpaper for a personal touch to any room. Finally, if you love innovation, try building a homemade cardboard shoe rack. Cut and fold pieces of cardboard into triangular shapes, add colorful tape, and stack the triangles to create a durable, flexible, portable shoe rack tower. Moving requires many boxes, but there are fun and sustainable ways to repurpose them and put them to good use in your home.

source: https://utahsmovingandstorage.com/creative-purposes-for-your-leftover-moving-boxes/


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