10 Joint Custody Tips Infographic

Navigating co-parenting and joint custody is crucial for your children’s well-being and adaptation to family changes. Establishing a healthy co-parenting relationship is challenging, but specific steps can help guide the situation positively. Keep communication brief, informative, and focused, particularly if the relationship with your ex isn’t friendly. Treat your ex like a colleague, maintain a neutral, professional demeanor, and concentrate solely on raising your child. Setting up a specific co-parenting plan can prevent misunderstandings, with your divorce attorney assisting in covering necessary details. Flexibility is essential; default to “yes” for reasonable requests, showing a willingness to cooperate. Compromise on issues to demonstrate you prioritize your child’s best interest over personal conflicts. Avoid getting caught up in what feels fair; focus on what’s best for your child. While asking for your child’s preferences can be helpful, avoid putting them in a position to choose sides. Never speak negatively about your co-parent in front of your child, as this can harm their perception and emotional well-being. If significant issues persist, you should involve your divorce lawyer or the court to modify the custody plan, using the legal system as a last resort. Following these tips won’t make co-parenting perfect, but it can build a foundation for a healthy, thriving environment for your child.

source: https://divorceattorneyut.com/ways-to-make-co-parenting-and-shared-joint-custody-work/


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