10 Miniature Assembly Supplies Infographic

To create impressive army miniatures, wargaming enthusiasts must master the art of miniature assembly. This starts with gathering the right tools. Here’s a list of essential supplies. First and foremost, you’ll need the right glues. For plastic models, use thin cement plastic glue; for resin and metal models, opt for super glue. Cutting tools are essential for preparing your parts. Sharp clippers are used for clean cuts from the sprue, and an X-Acto knife is used for delicate work. Smoothing tools, such as sanding sticks (1000-1500 grit) and sponges (400-2000 grit), can help you achieve a professional finish by smoothing out rough edges and seams. Detailing tools are essential for working with small parts and adding intricate details. Needle files, fine-grit sandpaper, tweezers, and pliers are all crucial for precise work. A pin vise with drill bits is essential for adding fine details and ensuring secure joints for miniatures that require pinning. Using plastic putty for filling gaps and modeling putty for sculpting custom details, along with sculpting tools, is essential for achieving a seamless finish. Assembly aids like Blu-Tack and small brushes/toothpicks can make the process smoother by allowing you to test fits before committing to glue and applying glue accurately. Workspace gear is essential for a clean and efficient assembly area. A cutting mat protects your work surface and provides a non-slip area for cutting and assembly. Organization tools like storage containers and organizers keep supplies and parts within reach and in order, making the assembly process more efficient. Lastly, it’s essential to use cleaning supplies to ensure your models are free of mold release agents and other residues before assembly. Crafting miniatures is a detailed and rewarding process. With the right tools and careful planning, you can transform sprues into stunning figures for tabletop battles or displays.

source: https://wargamesdelivered.com/blogs/wargamesdelivered/mastering-miniature-assembly-expert-tips-for-hobbyists


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