10 Questions to Ask a Hardscape Company Infographic

You want to be sure you’ll get a high-quality result if you’re trusting someone you’ve never met with installing a hardscape feature on one of your most significant investments (your land).

Ask the potential backyard renovation businesses the following questions to help you choose the ideal one for your needs.

Can I see your previous work?

You can tell if a company’s design and style are appropriate for your yard by examining examples of their prior work. Their work appears to be high quality or a bit shoddy. You can also get a sense of the products they work with.

What services do you offer?

You should be aware that some businesses prioritize design and softscape. You should also find out if your project falls within their range of expertise. You should save time scheduling a visit if you want a new patio, but the company specializes more in decks.

Can I speak to some references?

A reliable business will have testimonials or many favorable reviews to reassure you that its customers are satisfied.

How long have you been installing hardscape?

Someone is still qualified to do the work even if they have less experience installing hardscapes. However, a subpar installation will unlikely have 20 years of positive evaluations. In addition, unless they are upfront about the fact that they are experimenting with a new technique and provide a significant discount for their services, you don’t want your yard to serve as the test site for a new business. Before you engage a contractor, be aware of their expertise level.

What is your design and installation process?

Some businesses charge a design and consultation fee, which is then subtracted from the total cost of your installation. Other companies offer free consultations. Any misunderstandings or unexpected expenses can be avoided by being aware of the procedure beforehand.

What is your timeline?

Schedules for hardscaping businesses can fill up rapidly. The company you wish to work with might be booked for a month, even though you may hope to have a patio installed before a party next week. Find out when the project can begin and how long they anticipate it taking.

Are you licensed and insured?

You want everyone working on your property to be licensed and insured, as required by your state, to prevent being held responsible for any issues or injuries.

How much will this project cost?

Before providing you with a quote, some businesses will need to chat with you to learn more about your needs. The lowest option could be better when you evaluate several businesses’ prices. Sometimes companies charge less because they are employing inferior materials or services.

What are your payment options?

Planning a budget for your hardscape project can be easier if you know whether you must pay for a portion in advance or whole.

Do you guarantee your work?

As you start your project, having confidence that a company will stand by its work and fix any issues that arise from its end may be very reassuring. While it is hoped that their work won’t require a warranty repair, knowing that you are covered if it does is comforting.

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