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Reaching out to your customers through social media is the most effective strategy in the 21st century. Young or old, anyone just got a Facebook and they checked it even on a daily basis. Twitting has been the new trend while images are visual aids that capture the interest of a customer. For start-up businesses, optimizing their Facebook page should be one of their primary concerns because surveys have shown its efficiency in boosting online presence. However, doing it every day is not enough. This infographic will reveal more strategies to make your social media presence felt and effective.

1. The frequency of sharing should be consistent. If you do it daily, your viewers will wait and look forward to your new post the day after. However, neglecting this fact may cause dissatisfaction from customers. Increasing their engagement on your page requires consistency. More so, scheduled posts are now available on some social media sites.

2. Choosing only Facebook for your social media strategy is not effective even if FB has a wider reach. Some people just prefer Twitter or LinkedIn. To avoid opportunity losses, it’s better if you got multiple accounts, manage it simultaneously and grow your presence in all of your accounts.

3. Convey similar message through all of your social networks but it does not mean posting the same content. You need to format your content depending on the site you are posting it with. This is because users of different platforms will have their own preference towards the type and style of the content they want to read, react and respond.

4. Spend more time on networks where you are doing well. It means that you have just found your right niche. Take advantage of this opportunity before it runs away.

5. Keep your personal accounts separate from your business. Though, your personal networks may create an impact on your business, setting boundaries between the two will avoid personal conflict adversely affect your professional life.

6. Plan right guided by your objectives and goals. What do you really want? Do you aim for mere presence or better positioning? This will allow you to reach the customers you would like to appeal to.

7. Do you target customers who like news, fashion, entertainment or controversial files? You need to understand their characteristics, personality, and lifestyle for you to be able to tailor your social media activities to their interests. This will ensure better engagement with them.

8. Keep your posts public so everyone can see it. Just make sure that you will not appear a spam. Settings on your account would make it possible. Also, consider the time of posting especially if you have customers from countries with different time zones.

9. What you need is an integrated social media strategy. It would be best if you can optimize all of your social media accounts while ensuring that each of it serves its purpose well. By including your website’s logo in your profile can increase your identity and credibility.


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