10 Steps for Painting House Numbers on a Curb or Sidewalk Infographic

Welcome visitors with style and clarity by painting your house numbers on the curb or sidewalk. Learn how to do it in just ten simple steps:

Greeting Guests with Style

Make a great impression with well-crafted house numbers at your curb or sidewalk. Let guests know they’re in the right place right from the start. We’ll guide you through the process step by step.

Personalizing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Displaying your address with care is a small touch that leaves a big impact. Personalized house numbers add flair to your home and help emergency responders, parcel carriers, and visitors find your address easily.

Adding Functionality and Style

Having your house number painted on the curb or sidewalk is not just helpful but also an opportunity to showcase your unique style. Painting numbers with a stencil is a straightforward process, especially with our specially designed curb stencil decals.

Simplified Steps to Success

1. Cleaning First:

Ensure a clean surface before painting. Even new concrete benefits from a good cleaning to ensure the paint sticks. Use a wire brush or stiff bristle to scrub away dirt, dust, and debris. Let the curb or sidewalk dry before proceeding.

2. Creating a Background (Optional):

Painting a background adds contrast and visibility to your numbers. It’s essential when covering old or worn numbers. Measure the dimensions of your house number stencil, and use painter’s tape to mark the background area.

3. Precision in Measurement:

Accurate measurement prevents crooked or misaligned numbers. Measure diagonally to confirm evenness. Our curb stencil decals simplify this step, ensuring proper alignment and spacing. Confirm the stencil is centered and level.

4. Using Masking Paper:

Shield surrounding areas from overspray by using newspapers or painter’s masking paper, available at home improvement stores. This step will be repeated when masking around the curb stencil for painting the address numbers.

5. Choosing Paint Colors:

Pick two spray paint colors – one for the background and a contrasting one for the numbers. Contrast enhances visibility. Popular options include white background with orange, blue, green, or black numbers.

6. Spraying the Background:

Choose a calm, dry day for spray painting. Follow paint can instructions and apply light coats to avoid drips. Multiple coats may be needed for a solid background. Allow sufficient drying time before proceeding.

7. Applying the Curb Stencil:

Once the background is dry, position the curb stencil centrally. Use tape to hold it in place while using a level to confirm alignment. Lightly mark each corner with a pencil. Our stencil is designed for single use.

8. Peel-and-Stick Ease:

With our vinyl curb stencil decal, the application is as easy as peel-and-stick. Align the stencil using pencil marks, adhere the decal from top to bottom, and press firmly to eliminate air bubbles and prevent bleeding.

9. Removing the Top Layer:

Carefully remove the top protective film without lifting the edges of the stencil. This reveals the stencil for painting the numbers.

10. Spray Painting the Numbers:

Wear gloves to avoid paint-covered hands. Mask the stencil using masking paper and painter’s tape. Apply light coats of contrasting paint color to the numbers. Let coats dry slightly before adding more. Once satisfied, allow ample drying time.

Patience Pays Off

It’s crucial to let all paint fully dry before removing paper, tape, or stencil. Taking your time ensures the best results. If necessary, touch up missed spots using a small artist’s brush and paint.

Enhancing Curb Appeal

Having clear, stylish house numbers not only improves curb appeal but also assists in easy location identification. Our method ensures an effortless process with beautiful results. Enjoy your eye-catching and easy-to-find house numbers!

source: https://www.modernhousenumbers.com/blogs/news/steps-for-painting-house-numbers-on-a-curb-or-sidewalk


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