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Branding is all about creating an image of your product to the minds of your consumers. However, it takes time to build a good brand and it takes more effort to retain its position. Even on Amazon where lots of competitors, known and unknown, are selling their products, building brand identity is quite a daunting task. You need to create an appealing marketing mix, most especially the product that you want to sell. If you are not the one who really makes the product, this infographic can help you a lot. Follow these tips and you can get ahead of your competition.

1. Think of what product you want to sell. It should be something unique and creatively made but affordable to the  . These products should be in a category that sells effectively on Amazon. But, you need to choose an unsaturated area to get a better market share. Choosing a common category where sellers are plenty, your chance of being seen by the customer is very slim.

2. What you need to do next is to find an agent from the customs and a freight forwarder. It will be necessary when you are delivering the product or you are getting an item shipped at your place. This is crucial because there are lots of integrated service providers but only a few have good logistical system. Fast delivery is important in this kind of business structure, so you must be careful in choosing one.

3. Decide on your promotional strategy or pricing strategy to make the product more appealing especially to those who always buy online. Product bundling can be a good start. Others start with offering discounts to new customers.

4. Now that you have a product in mind, Alibaba can help you find a manufacturer.

5. Don’t trust the manufacturer too much even after it has shown images of your product samples. Editing software are widely available and accessible. Instead, ask them to ship the sample products so you can see it personally and you can make a good listing out of it.

6. After seeing the samples, decide which logo should you make and where could you put it in the product. Then, send it to your manufacturer and ask them to deliver the sample product with the logo already printed on it. It’s time consuming but it’s the best way of making sure that the manufacturer can create your desired product.

7. Pay your order, contact your freight forwarder and ask them to contact the manufacturer so that your products can be shipped immediately.

8. When the final products are delivered, hire a professional photographer to get the images of the products. Then, choose the best photos and post it on Amazon. Images are helpful in convincing the customer to buy your product.

9. Upload your product on Amazon and promote it through internet marketing strategies or simple pay per click ads.

10. As you can see, being an Amazon sales manager can help you build a brand on this platform. However, you need to maintain patience, creativity, innovation, tactics and luck.



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