10 Ways to Look Uniquely Professional Infographic

One can easily notice a great personality at first impression. The way you carry yourself and the clothes you choose can help you channel your inner self and give you confidence. Bring out the best version of you not only when going out with friends but also in your workplace. Dress professionally without dimming the spark you have. Here are some easy tips.

Pop of color

Most professional attire is frequently boring and colorless. By wearing a colored blouse under your jacket or donning a pair of vibrant heels, you can add some color to your ensemble. Add flair to a simple look by using a scarf or other accessory.

Fun pattern

A minor pattern can enhance your appearance just like a pop of color might. Keep the other parts of your outfit simple and neutral, and pick just one piece to mirror the pattern. It’ll look good to pair a solid top with patterned pants or a flowing, patterned blouse with a simple pencil skirt.

Freshen your closet

Make sure the clothes in your closet still look good and can improve your professional appearance. If your favorite power suit is getting worn out, it might be time to let it retire and get a new one. You may extend the life of your wardrobe by buying a professional piece now and then rather than replacing everything at once.

Tailor your clothes

The value of clothing that fits you perfectly cannot be overstated. Flaunt those lovely contours of yours. It may seem expensive to have your professional wardrobe tailored, but having custom-made clothing for you pays off.

Choose the blazer

Whenever you’re deciding between a blazer and a cardigan, go with the blazer. A well-tailored blazer will work wonders for you, whereas a cardigan can easily look old and unattractive. You can choose a trend (now, it’s a long, fitting blazer) or a classic that you know will be in style for a longer period.

Step up your accessories

In terms of bags, a structured, neutral bag might improve your regular office appearance. Sloppy or worn down bags might ruin an otherwise amazing ensemble. Simple, subtle necklaces make the biggest difference, and pearls can elevate any business-casual ensemble.

Trousers up

The time when women could only wear peculiarly designed professional slacks to work is over. To help you feel your best, there are many styles and fits for trousers. There’s the high-waisted trousers for curvy women, classic trousers for those with a straighter figure, and the drawstring trouser perfect for almost anyone.

Play around with your makeup

An outfit can be completely transformed with a good red lip color. Eyeliner can also provide a lot of pop. If you’re not sure how to apply eyeliner, online tutorials are a wonderful place to start.

Try a wrap dress

Wrap dresses are attractive and professional-looking for almost every physique. Be unstoppable and combine it with a pump.

Chin up with confidence

You feel well and perform well when you look good. Bring your finest appearance to work and exude confidence. It is your entire appearance’s most alluring features.

Don’t allow this list to limit you. These suggestions can help you get started on your quest to showcase your personality through your business clothes. Experiment. Play around with the colors or the patterns. In the end, you want to show everyone what’s inside of you, but only you can decide what it looks like.

source: https://lnogreek.com/adding-you-to-your-professional-look/


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