11 Confidence-Building Tips in Rushing a Sorority Infographic

Sororities support you in discovering your tribe, making important community connections, discovering your true potential, and forming lifelong friendships. Here are 11 pointers to help you approach your recruitment efforts with assurance.

Practice Small Talk

There will be many opportunities for new acquaintances while you are in the sorority recruitment process. Be more adept at small talk and make a good impression. Pick up a friend who will offer you honest feedback so you may practice small conversations. Have a few questions prepared to keep the conversation humorous.

Be Vulnerable

You’ll have a lot of inquiries about who you are and your aspirations for the future after all of these brief conversations. Stronger relationships can be made if you are open and willing to share from a position of readiness rather than if you are guarded and afraid to do so.

Train Your Body Language

Even if you say the right things, it does not matter if your body is communicating something different. Maintain a tall, upright stance. Your arms should be extended. Be flexible but also don’t isolate yourself. We all have nervous tendencies, therefore be aware of them so you can control them when interacting with others.

Have Some Questions Ready

Consider your motivations for joining a sorority. Make a list of the traits you are looking for in a sorority and those you will bring to one. If you don’t take the time to consider what you want to gain from joining a sorority and how your abilities can advance those aims, you risk making all of your justifications seem the same. You will be better equipped to ask questions and identify the situation that is most suitable for you if you go into it knowing what you want to receive and what you can provide.

Showcase Your Best

Being at your best is a simple approach to increasing your confidence. When you feel good about how you appear, it shows in your confidence. Although it may look alluring to rock a Delta Sigma Theta shirt, it is never appropriate to do so if you are not a member. Wearing a shirt from a sorority, you are not yet a member of may be seen as rude and can turn off people who are recruiting, even when you are trying to project confidence.

Maintain Eye Contact

Make eye contact. This straightforward action will project the confidence you want, even if you don’t feel confident. You might wish to practice this skill beforehand; you want your eye contact to seem natural without being overbearing or intrusive.

Think Positive

Imagine yourself joining the sorority sisters in your community. You will radiate powerful negative energy if you are anxious and act in the opposite way while thinking negatively. If you have negative thoughts regarding your chances of joining the sorority, they can come true.

Recall Names

Remembering and using people’s names is an easy approach to making a good impression. You will appear confident and approachable if you do this.

Plan Ahead and Leave Plenty of Time

You should arrive early for all recruiting events. Rushing will leave you feeling agitated and overwhelmed rather than calm and in control. Examine your obligations for the days you will participate in recruitment efforts and reschedule anything that falls too near to those times.

Learn Breathing Techniques

Have some breathing exercises prepared to help calm your nerves if you are prone to anxiety. Breathing slowly and deeply will keep your brain well-oxygenated, which will maintain your cognitive abilities sharp.

Chat With Yourself

Look at yourself in the mirror in private. Tell yourself what you’re good at. Look for the appealing qualities you possess. Remind yourself of all the reasons you are a good fit for this sorority and of all your qualifications.

Once you’ve finished rehearsing and getting ready, just be yourself in public. Finding the sorority that best suits you will only be successful if you are being your true, authentic self throughout the rush. Don’t be hesitant to show off your individual beauty and your ability to succeed in your sorority for everyone around you.

source: https://lnogreek.com/rushing-a-sorority-11-confidence-building-tips/


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