11 Gratitude Lessons for Children Infographic

This time of year reminds us to practice gratitude year-round, not just for one month. Parents recognize the importance of teaching gratitude to their children. How can you help your child develop and maintain this trait beyond the holidays? One way is to introduce gratitude into their vocabulary early on. Teach them to say “thank you” often and at every opportunity. Children also learn by example, so model gratitude in your home regularly. Encourage them to start a gratitude journal, where they can write down something they’re thankful for each day. Creating a family tradition, such as sharing something you’re grateful for at dinner, can make gratitude a part of your family culture. Reading books about gratitude together is another excellent method, as is spending time in nature to appreciate the world around you. Encourage your child to practice sharing their favorite toys or donating items they no longer use. Making gratitude crafts, like “thankful” leaves, can be a fun and creative. Writing thank-you cards help children express gratitude in a meaningful way. Addressing envy and focusing on what they have rather than what they don’t can shift their perspective. Finally, giving back through volunteering or donating to those in need helps children understand the importance of gratitude and generosity.

source: https://academyofscholars.com/giving-thanks-11-creative-ways-to-instill-gratitude-in-your-child/


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