11 Hat Styles And What They Say About Your Personality Infographic

Going out is not fun without a complete get-up. Aside from fashion, people would prefer clothing that will protect them from environmental hazards such as direct sunlight. Hence, they would opt to wear fashionable and protective custom hats. However, little they know that the choice of their hats can speak a lot about their personality and lifestyle. In this infographic, visualize yourself choosing a hat. You need to be very honest so that you can verify if truly your style of hat reflects the personality as described in this infographic.

1. You can commonly see both men and wearing baseball caps. However, there are multiple variations of baseball caps. It can be flat-billed or five paneled. Wearing flat-billed baseball caps means that you are a fan of a group of athletes and you take good care of your hat. Unlike with the standard ball cap, it shows how much you value teamwork and loyalty.

2. On the other hand, wearing five-paneled baseball creates an impression that you are a cyclist and you like to live or you have lived in Europe for quite some time.

3. If you wear the baseball cap even if it bears the logo of a company, it means that you live simply. This type of hat is often given as promotional merchandise but can be used to protect you from sunlight.

4. What about an old cap worn by your old man? This type of baseball cap is called a Dad’s Hat because it looks old and scruffy but it can still function. Choosing this type of hat means that you are practical and you wear it for its basic purpose and function.

5. If you are tired of wearing baseball caps and think of showing some masculinity or creativity, beret hats can be good choices for you. Berets have been used for centuries by soldiers of the military. Aside from being a symbol of bravery and patriotism, beret hats hold a history. It was used to protect the heads of the military men to ensure that no oil will be spilled onto them whenever they got in and out of their tank.

6. Art and style often come together and it meets on beret hats. You must have heard of the phrase “Tortured Artist”. It may not mean physically but it simply shows that you have the heart and passion for art. Feel like getting along with Rembrandt, Picasso, and famous musicians who used to wear this kind of hats.

7. Having some fun? A trip somewhere far away would be one of the best ways to get relaxation. The best hat for you is a floppy hat. It is used by hard-working people but do not mind skipping a few days to have an adventure in the countryside. You can add some accessories to suit your feminine side.

8. Whether you are a musician, businessman, or eccentric, fedoras will match your style. Jazz musicians tend to use this kind of hat because it gives the suave they need to appeal to their audience. Just see Frank Sinatra’s videos. Businessmen want hats that are simple yet elegant. Plain and dark blue fedoras echo authority, discipline, leadership, and power.

source: https://acmehatco.com/what-does-your-hat-reveal-about-you/


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