11 Reasons Amazon Sellers Lose the Buy Box Infographic

What captures the attention of a prospective buyer is the buy box that Amazon provides to your product. It makes them easier to see and be pursued to buy it because it stimulates a buying impulse on their mind. However, you can’t insert this buy box on your own especially if Amazon removes it on your product listing. Have you ever had any problem regarding the removal of that buy box? If you don’t know why Amazon has to remove it, find answers on this infographic.

1. You have not passed the thirty day testing of Amazon. It is likely that there were inconsistencies with your delivery, there were issues on the products bought from your online store, or the shipments were late. Things like this are considered as indicators by Amazon. If you can’t pass the first thirty days of being part of Amazon, it is highly likely that the buy box will be removed.

2. Amazon prides itself for being one of the most sought after e-commerce sites by both the sellers and buyers. However, for your businesses that sell lower than the average, there must be a problem with your products or customer service resulting in low sales volume. Such a problem in your business may also pose a problem to Amazon per se so the buy box is simply being removed.

3. If you are selling a not so unique product and there could be multiple substitutes for it, have to ensure that you are selling it at its most competitive price. A third-party site with less expensive product or a cheaper product than its substitutes can also compel Amazon to remove the buy. Hence, always review your pricing strategies and try to benchmark on others.

4. How authentic is your product? By looking at it online, not everybody can judge whether it is authentic or not but you have to tell your market through the description of the product if it is authentic or not. Amazon will review the authenticity of your product so if you make false promises about the product, it will eventually be found out. By that time, it might be too late for you to make corrective actions.

5. Amazon is very particular with their ratings. This is because it has been an outstanding platform where buyers always get their products because of good sellers. Now, if your ratings are lower than others, there is something wrong with your operations. Whatever it might be, you have to resolve it immediately because a consistently low rating will result in the removal of the buy box.

6. There are cases when a system glitch occurred and this is something that you always pay attention to. Review your ratings, price and operational performance to ensure that the removal of the buy box was due to a system glitch. However, if you think that it was because of a glitch, report it immediately to Amazon.

7. Amazon sellers should watch carefully over their business online because it has been functioning as a real marketplace where gains are real and losses can be troublesome.

source: https://www.buyboxexperts.com/11-reasons-amazon-sellers-lose-the-buy-box-infographic/


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