11 Ways to Make Your Drainage Ditch Look Beautiful Infographic

Each garden needs a drainage ditch since it moves rainwater to prevent water buildup. However, it can sometimes be unsightly. But don’t feel hopeless. You can make your drainage ditch attractive with a bit of creativity and some excellent ideas we have right here.

Current Landscape

You can use the landscaping rocks you already have in your garden area to create borders that direct the flow of water. Make a quick makeover using existing stones, small rocks, mulch, and plants.


Commercial grates might not seem physically appealing, but they can give your yard a unique look. Grates can be matched to the aesthetic of your outdoor area thanks to the wide range of designs and colors available. They are easy to set up for extra rainfall to drain.

River Rocks

Most landscaping centers and garden shops have river rocks. They can fill drainage ditches, giving them the appearance of dry creek beds. To complete the riverside appearance, get creative and add some plants to the drainage ditch’s edge. Alternatively, you can add bricks or paving stones to give it a more formal appearance.

Rock Wall

A rock wall might be a lovely choice for people who have a drainage ditch near the end of their driveway. The rock wall can simultaneously serve as a container for the garden bed and a cover for the drainage pipe. Mulch and some of your favorite low-maintenance plants can be added to the garden bed that sits above the drain area to provide a special touch.

Eclectic Look

You can mix pebbles, big rocks, and mulch to give your drainage ditch area a more intriguing and eclectic appearance. Then, to add a touch of green, put some ferns, decorative mosses, or other water-loving plants in the mulch areas. It’s not necessary for natural beauty to be organized and symmetrical.


Take advantage of a region of your garden that accumulates more water than other garden sections. Build a waterfall or other water feature there.

Japanese Gardens

Concrete edging, pebbles, and paving stones occasionally surround Japanese gardens. These might be imaginatively paired with sculptures to accentuate the area’s natural beauty.

Potted Plants

Another entertaining approach to dressing up a drainage ditch region in your garden is with potted plants. The colorful pots can give a whimsical touch, and the runoff will take care of watering your plants!

Bridge or Walkway

If your garden is big enough, you may also think about building a little walkway or bridge area that crosses the drainage ditch area. The garden area might take on a rustic flavor if a wooden bridge is added. Even some reasonably priced wooden arch bridges are available online.

Bugs, Birds, and Squirrels

Do your kids like spotting bugs and being outside? By including a squirrel feeder, a birdbath, or by establishing a butterfly garden, you can also turn your drainage ditch into a focal point.

Rain Barrel

Another approach to include a decorative element is to position a rain barrel at the edge of a downspout. You can also conserve water by using the collected water to water indoor plants or your outdoor area. Create a theme for your entire garden by including one of the entertaining planters described above.

As drainage-focused landscapers in Aurora, we know that many property owners worry about how a drainage ditch would look in their yard. There are many methods to dress it up.

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