12 Famous Heads (and their Hats) Infographic

Passion for fashion is a motivation for finding the right hat for a person. It enhances the fashion statement you are trying to convey. You can look good and appealing and at the same time express yourself in the way you choose your outfit for the day or in carrying yourself. Whatever you wear, people will see your personality and treat you the way you expect them to be. It has been proven in many situations. Hats can provide such an effect? Be convinced by the following famous people and their characters and the hats that they wore.

1. Who would ever forget Indiana Jones, the adventurer who never leaves his head open? He wore a fedora hat that shows he is always ready for an adventure and discovers the past through archaeological facts. Hats can also protect you from a small amount of water when there is a rainstorm.

2. Another icon that preferred the fedora hat is the Blue’s Brothers. It matched their ensembles, especially when they are already playing their jazz music. Because fedora hats fitted well in this genre of music, other jazz musicians use it when they have gigs or events.

3. When it comes to fashion and style, Audrey Hepburn is pretty well known in this field. One of the famous characters she played was Holly Golightly in which she wore a chapeau de matin in one of the scenes of the movie. It was her way to show sophistication and a lot of people nowadays still idolize her for that.

4. Eliza Doolittle was fairly famous for wearing the horserace hat in her movie My Fair Lady. She had her own way to make the hat look gorgeous and fancy.

5. Cowboy hats are famous among men who want to appear rough and rowdy. You can often see them in movies with settings on a farm. But, the famous character who aced the wearing of cowboy hats is John Wayne. It was not because he was a real cowboy but because he simply looked good in it. Before going to many places with a cowboy hat on, check how it matches your personality.

6. Captain Jack Sparrow captured the hearts of both young and old girls because of her pirate look. He had many costumes that made him look masculine and appealing. But, he always had his hat adding a strong feature in the character that he was playing.

7. He could be your favorite detective. A cunning, honest and funny Sherlock Holmes would not be remembered so much without his deerstalker hats. Try putting it on and you will look like a geek ready for investigating a case. Well, just ensure you can keep up with the personality you want to portray.

8. Beanies are already common even if it was not yet worn by actors or actresses. But, it became more famous when it was used by Spanky in the movie “The Little Rascals”. It is made of panels of multi-colored fabric which fits those of hippies.

9. Wayne Campbell, Charlie Chaplin, and Cornelius Fudge are also famous users of various hats. Know more about their hats in this infographic.

source: https://acmehatco.com/13-famous-heads-and-the-hats-that-go-on-them/


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