12 Tattoos Showcasing Motherhood Infographic

For some, tattoos are casual, spontaneous, and fun. For others, tattoos are deeply personal and convey unique meaning. This is especially true for moms who wish to permanently showcase their love for their children for all to see.

Thankfully, the tattooed mom stigma isn’t what it used to be. While inked-up mamas of generations past might have received some looks at school drop-off, society is much more accepting of body art and tattoo clothing these days.

Many moms choose delicate, feminine designs to highlight the beauty of motherhood. Whatever the reason or occasion, there are a wide variety of ways that you can commemorate your children through a tattoo.

1. Names or Initials

It’s simple, and it’s to the point. You can pay tribute to your child by tattooing their first name, first and middle name, first initial, or first and middle initials.

2. Heartbeat

We’re not sure it gets any sweeter than this one. Ask your doctor for a printout of your baby’s heartbeat when you’re at the hospital.

3. Flowers

Birth flowers are a wildly popular trend. If you aren’t crazy about your child’s birth flower, look around for flowers blooming during their birth month and choose from any of those.


Quotes are another great way to commemorate something unique and personal. This could be something sweet, or the “I love you 3,000” trend that followed Marvel’s Endgame hit us right in the feels.

5. Animals

Are you one of those moms who’s given your child an animal pet name? Maybe you lovingly refer to your child as “bug,” “duck,” or “bunny.” A tattoo of their animal nickname is a great way to keep them with you.

6. Handwriting or Artwork

Has that first stick-figure drawing of you and your child holding hands been adorning your refrigerator for months? Preserve it forever by bringing it to your tattoo artist.

7. Birthdate or Time

We’ve seen this trend grow substantially in popularity since there are so many ways to execute it.

8. Location

Similar to birthdate tattoos, this trend highlights the location of your child’s birth. You might choose coordinates, the outline of a state or town, or something that reminds you of that location, like a flower or landscape.

9. Matching or Coordinating Tattoos

If you have older children who are down for a date to the tattoo parlor, matching or coordinating tattoos are a must.

10. Family Portrait

Do you have a favorite photo of your family? Ask your tattoo artist for a simplified, artistic rendering of that picture so that it’s always there for you to enjoy.

11. Foot or Handprint

We think tattooing one of these is a touching way to remember just how little they once were, even if he passed you up in height years ago.

12. Mom and Child

Nothing says a mother’s love like a picture of a mama holding her baby close. You can replicate an existing photo or give your artist the freedom to imagine a sweet scene featuring you and your little one.

source: https://inkaddict.com/blogs/default-blog/tattooed-moms-showcasing-the-meaningfulness-of-motherhood-through-body-art


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