12 Tricks for Nurturing Young Readers Infographic

Rory Gilmore, Belle, and Matilda Wormwood are all bookworms, and many parents feel discouraged when it comes to stimulating healthy and lasting reading habits in their children. To help children develop good reading habits and inspire them to be lovers of reading, there are 12 tips.

1. Aim for at least one read-aloud a day.

Make reading a part of your daily routine at home by setting aside time each day to read to your child. Modeling not only the act of reading itself but also tone of voice, character voices, and engaging dynamics helps your child understand how to interpret the emotion behind the words on the page.

2. Become regular at your local library.

Libraries can be fun for your children, with endless possibilities and opportunities for public storytimes and book-related craft days.

3. Let your child peruse and choose.

Allow them to choose books based on their interests to keep that spark alive.

4. Read without technology.

While there are tremendous tech-based resources for reading development, it is crucial to help your child appreciate reading the old-fashioned way. Use technology as an occasional filler and last resort rather than a regular part of their reading habits.

5. Set an example.

One of the best ways to nurture a love of reading in your child is to lead by example, letting them see you completely engrossed in a good book.

6. Create a cozy reading space.

It can be a Pinterest board or a bedtime reading corner to inspire younger readers. This space should be inviting and not Pinterest-worthy.

7. Read on repeat.

Reading on repeat helps children become familiar with a book, allowing them to follow along with the words and look for missed information. This helps build their reading observation skills and helps them identify new words and phrases in the text.

8. Read as you go.

Reading as you go can also help children become accustomed to reading as part of everyday life.

9. Write Notes.

Writing notes to your child can also sharpen their reading skills and expose them to various handwriting styles.

10. Grow your own library

This will allow your child to build their own collection of favorite books. This can help them develop better reading habits and make their day.

11. Set Reading Goals

Setting reading goals can be helpful, but it’s best to start with smaller, more manageable goals. For example, setting a weekly reading goal or offering an incentive for reading a certain number of pages can motivate children to continue and increase their efforts.

12. Do your research.

Talk to their teacher about ways to further their learning at home and listen to a podcast from a professional in the field. Knowing which techniques work best is crucial to helping your little readers thrive.

Healthy reading habits are a lifelong gift that can help your child develop an appreciation and passion for reading, enabling them to retain and comprehend material on a new level, even if they don’t become the next Rory Gilmore.


source: https://academyofscholars.com/raising-readers-12-tricks-for-nurturing-healthy-reading-habits-in-young-children/


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