13 Bolt Action Basics Infographic

Bolt Action brings historical battles to your tabletop, offering a simple yet engaging experience for veterans and newcomers. Before playing, familiarize yourself with the core rules, unit capabilities, and game mechanics. The essential rulebook contains basic army lists and core rules. You’ll also need general gaming tools like a tape measure, six-sided dice (D6), a dice bag, blast markers, and specific tools like pin markers and order dice. Each player controls a set of units, each represented by a dice in a bag to determine activation order. Bolt Action is typically played on a 4×6 foot table, with forces of 30-50 men and a couple of vehicles. Players create balanced forces within a points limit, focusing on a ‘reinforced platoon.’ Six orders can be issued to units: Fire, Advance, Run, Ambush, Rally, and Down. Pinning and morale are crucial, affecting a unit’s ability to follow orders. Choose between veteran and regular troops, with each army having unique special rules. The game is scalable, allowing for larger battles and various expansion sets. Terrain setup varies by the theater of war, and expanding your forces is straightforward with available miniatures and painting resources. Now, lead your armies into Bolt Action’s thrilling, history-inspired gameplay.

source: https://wargamesdelivered.com/blogs/wargamesdelivered/bolt-action-basics-a-comprehensive-beginners-guide


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