Dos-and-Don'ts-of-Amazon-Selling Infographic

Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces on the internet. As an online shopper, you might be familiar with this ecommerce platform giant. They sell all kinds of products on this platform, and most of the items can be shipped to all parts of the planet. You might also observe that not all the orders are products of Amazon. According to their website, more than 40% of the products available in their catalog come from third-party sellers.

If you are selling goods and products, and you want to grow your business, venturing into the world of Amazon selling is a great way to do it. With its accessibility and wide reach to potential customers, Amazon can help you market your products better. However, as Amazon’s policies have changed over the years, so are the rules for selling on the platform. Remember the following to-dos when you decide to give Amazon selling a try.

  1. Register on Amazon early.
  2. List products promptly. Your products should already be identified before registering for an Amazon seller account.
  3. Sign up with Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) to make shipping your products easier.
  4. Pick cheap and lightweight products. This is to facilitate the shipment of your products to your customers.
  5. Be honest about your product’s condition. Avoid negative reviews because your products are not properly described.
  6. Use keywords to optimize your listing. Identifying proper keywords are key to making your product search-able.
  7. Meet Amazon’s processing and shipping timelines. This is important because you want to make your customers satisfied and give positive feedback.
  8. Check-in and monitor your sales. Income monitoring is vital to the success of your business. After all, your main goal is to further grow your business by reaching out to the broader market.
  9. Make more sales by selling under a private label. Private label products are generic products sold under a new brand. This makes your product stand out from the rest.
  10. Track your competitors.
  11. Keep track of your reviews and ratings. Any customer feedback is good for your business. Be conscious of your customer’s needs by monitoring their reviews and comments.
  12. Reach out to customers who leave negative reviews to ask them what issues they encountered.
  13. Own up to your mistakes, and issue refunds when you need to. Honesty is one of the qualities a customer would like to see in a good transaction.

The success of your online selling business also means avoiding fatal mistakes. Here are the things you must avoid when doing business in Amazon.

  1. Violating any rules and policies set by Amazon
  2. Providing fake documents
  3. Starting out with just one product
  4. Sticking to the same products
  5. Selling products that are already being sold by other businesses
  6. Selling heavy items
  7. Using .com, .biz, or .org, in your business name
  8. Selling restricted items
  9. Being scared to go against branded competitors
  10. Selling your Amazon products elsewhere
  11. Forgetting the to stock up on your inventory
  12. Ignoring issues with customers
  13. Not caring about your customers



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