13 Hats For 6 Different Moods [infographic]

You have different moods every day. From the moment you wake up, you probably think of what outfit will make you feel comfortable yet suitable for the day or occasion you are going to attend. Some people have their own style artist but if you are just like anybody else who chooses their outfit, get suggestions from this infographic about which hat you should wear to complement your style.

1. Are you going out to stroll around the neighborhood and simply enjoy the company of some childhood friends? It seems like the day is a simple and ordinary one, and you might not want to stand out among your friends. Your hat should show this. So, what can you use for this day is a wide-brim hat. Let your hair down whether it’s straight or curled. Find nice shades and wear little make-up.

2. What if the wide-brim hat is not available? The best alternative is a ball cap. What’s good about his hat is that it fits your day-to-day clothes.

3. This will be a long day, and you will be meeting a few acquaintances for a nice talk in a fancy restaurant. You need to match your outfit with classy hats such as a fedora hat. It speaks elegance for a simple gathering. However, if the occasion is a ball or gala, what you need is a fascination hat: those with big ribbons, nettings, and other accessories.

4. If you aim to look unique yet appeal like a vintage chic, pork pie hat could suit you well. The name sounds funny but it looks chic and classy, and it is not commonly used by many. An alternative to this hat but still speaks of what a vintage chic would wear is a cloche hat. It looks gorgeous on a simple dress with artistic details.

5. What about a showing off your bohemian side? If you are wearing bright clothes to reflect this mood, wear a wide-brimmed straw hat. That will perfectly complement your bohemian appeal. To be more specific, a Panama hat is also a good choice. But, of course, you need to partner it with a nice dress and fine flat sandals.

6. Feeling like you are ready for an adventure like Indiana Jones? You don’t have to go to the mountains to trek just to let them know you would go for something unusual today. Just wear a wide-brimmed fedora or a cowboy hat. It will make you look braver and prepared for whatever challenge there will be along your way.

7. Going outdoors but is confused about what hat to wear because it is not winter yet? It is common that outdoorsy hats such as a beanie and trapper hat are often used during cold months. But, the bucket hat can also be a good choice for warm weather. This type of hat will keep your head cool despite the sun when you hike in the mountains or get fish in the lake.

8. No matter which hat you choose, do not sacrifice style for the sake of comfort. What use will there be for a hat that you won’t put on your head but just an accessory on your hands?

source: https://acmehatco.com/hats-to-express-your-mood/


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