13 Knife-Wielding Professions Infographic

Let’s be real. Wouldn’t that be the ideal career if you could make a living by using your knife? Here are 13 different professions and how each incorporates knives into their work.

  • Chefs use the iconic chef’s knife for chopping, slicing, dicing, and mincing, along with serrated knives for bread and butter knives for spreading.
  • Electricians rely on pocket knives for tasks like stripping wires, notching wood, and cutting through materials.
  • Surgeons depend on scalpels for precise, clean cuts during surgeries, reducing the risk of infection.
  • Firefighters carry tools like the Benchmade Rescue Knife to cut through ropes, seatbelts, and other materials during emergency rescues.
  • EMTs, like firefighters, need rescue blades to swiftly access trapped individuals by cutting through seat belts or clothing.
  • Butchers use different knives like cleavers, scalloped slicers, band saws, and boning knives to process animals into cuts of meat.
  • Warehouse stockers keep knives handy for quickly and safely opening and breaking down boxes for stocking.
  • Knife throwers use specialized throwing knives to showcase their accuracy by reliably sticking them into targets.
  • Landscape installers use Japanese Hori-Hori knives for planting and garden maintenance because they are excellent for cutting through roots and tough soil.
  • Military personnel, especially Navy SEALs, carry knives like the Ontario MK 3 Navy Knife. While modern warfare has evolved, the knife remains a versatile tool for survival, combat, and utility tasks.
  • Actors often use knives in movie scenes to add drama and realism, enhancing storytelling and engaging audiences.
  • Construction workers rely on utility knives for tasks like stripping wires and cutting drywall.
  • Farmers use knives for various tasks around the farm, such as cutting barbed wire, trimming cattle hooves, and opening feed bags.

source: https://eknives.com/blog/you-knives-dream-job-13-knifewielding-professions/


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