13 Miniature Wargaming Tournament Tips Infographic

Preparing for a miniature wargaming tournament requires careful planning and attention to detail. Start by understanding the tournament rules and pack, which include scenario rules, point limits, and army composition restrictions. Familiarity with your army’s rules is crucial; knowing each unit’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses allows you to make informed tactical decisions. Before attending, familiarize yourself with the event’s logistics to ensure timely arrival and setup. Pre-register and submit your army list early to streamline the process and secure your spot, aiding organizers in resource allocation. Regular practice with your army helps you experiment with different lists and strategies. Prepare your army list and bring a copy to promote transparency and sportsmanship. Pack all gaming essentials, including your fully painted army, which is often crucial for scoring at official events. Approach the tournament positively, aiming to enjoy the experience rather than focusing solely on winning. Efficient time management is key; use timers to track rounds and stick to the event schedule. Bring a survival kit with water, snacks, a phone charger, and necessary medications to stay hydrated and energized during long events. Ensure your miniatures are safely transported in sturdy cases. Maintain good hygiene as tournaments are social events with close interactions. Ultimately, prioritize enjoyment over winning, managing stress by remembering that each round offers a chance to learn and improve.

source: https://wargamesdelivered.com/blogs/wargamesdelivered/getting-ready-for-a-miniature-wargaming-tournament


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