18 Secrets of a Lasting Wardrobe Infographic

Regardless of how well-made a piece of clothing is, it can deteriorate with time—especially if it is not given the right care. This infographic will provide some advice on how to maximize your clothes investment and provide your apparel with some love.

Store your clothing in a dark place.
The lifespan of your garments might be compromised by excessive sun exposure.

Stop hanging your sweaters.
Sweaters and other bulky clothing can be damaged and stretched out when hung. Instead, choose to fold and shelf-stow your sweaters.

Keep your clothes dry.
The clothes you wear should not be kept anywhere that is wet or humid. This could result in mold and deterioration of garments.

Purchase sophisticated hangers.
Despite being cheap, plastic and wire hangers cause substantial harm to your clothing. Wooden hangers are far less damaging to your clothing.

Give your clothes a chamber to breathe.
The textiles will prematurely wear out and develop more wrinkles if they are rubbed too much.

Utilize lavender to prevent moths.
Mothballs won’t be as effective as lavender or cedarwood while storing clothing.

Wash less frequently.
Clothing can be worn at least three times before needing to be washed if it is not dirty (underwear excluded).

Dry less frequently.
A drying rack is preferable over a dryer whenever it’s practical. Your clothing will shrink and fade in the dryer.

Dry clean less frequently.
The harsh chemicals used in the dry-cleaning process are terrible for the environment as well as the materials you are dry cleaning.

Wash in cold water.
When you wash your garments, using cold water rather than boiling water enables you to preserve the fabric better than ever.

Use a reduced amount of detergent.
Your clothes will last longer if you use 1/2 cup of baking soda instead of the recommended quantity of detergent.

Don’t fill the washer to the brim.
Too many items in the washer when washing garments can cause a lot of friction and wear and tear on the fabric.

Wash it inside out.
To reduce fading, wash darks and colored clothing from the inside out.

Use a delicate bag.
Consider using a delicate bag for your intimates and any other fragile items. By doing this, the washing machine won’t treat these objects too roughly.

Separate the laundry.
You should also separate your laundry by how dirty it is. If you give it any thought, you can see why. When dirty pants and a mildly soiled top are cleaned together, the top gets dirtier and wears out faster than if it were washed alone.

Treat your stains ASAP.
Treating any possible stains as soon as you will give you the best chance of avoiding them from settling.

Buy value.
Quality is worth it when it comes to clothing since you frequently get what you pay for. Consider the clothing items you reach for regularly throughout the year.

Patch it.
Keep your clothes in good condition for longer by learning some simple repairs. This advice is for you if you have a history of throwing clothes away if a button comes off.

source: https://lnogreek.com/extending-the-life-of-your-wardrobe/


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