21 Ways to Clean Any Hat Infographic

Using hats can be both for fashion and protection. This piece of apparel is always exposed to dirt, oil, and dust. Cleaning it is not simply soaking it in a pale of water with detergent. You will notice that different types of hats are also made of different materials. It can be wool, straw or cotton. This infographic will give you proven tips on how you must clean the hat.

1. Scrutinize the hats and see if there are instructions on how you must wash it. Oftentimes, the hat manufacturer would include specific washing instructions, especially for branded ones. The instruction can be found under the sweatband.

2. For those who are lazy enough to wash it properly, soaking the hats is their choices. Before fully soaking it, you need to test a portion of the hat because the cloth might bleed and the color will affect other hats.

3. If your hat has cardboard, ensure that this portion will not have contact with water. If you accidentally soaked a hat with cardboard, there is a high chance that you won’t be able to use it again.

4. Use counterclockwise direction when you are using a vacuum when you clean the hat. Pantyhose should be used to cover the nozzle so that damages will be avoided.

5. How do you clean straw hats? Brush it using a soft cloth and in a counterclockwise direction. Sometimes, the dirt is in the deeper portion of the hot. Cleaning it may require a vacuum and you must wrap its hose with nylon so that it can suck the dirt away effectively. In addition, when cleaning straw hats, you must use dampened and not wet cloth. Rub the hat softly and gently still in the counterclockwise direction. Removing oils on straw hats can be a tricky one.

Prepare cornstarch and put it on the oily area. It requires an hour before you brush it off. In terms of drying, straw hats must not be exposed to direct sunlight because it will crack or shrink. Instead, find a hat stand and let it dry through the air.

6. You may have Wool Hats and cleaning it could be a little different than cleaning a straw hat. Brushing it requires a brush with soft bristles. The direction in brushing should also be in a counterclockwise motion. If there is dirt left, you must use a lint roller to remove all of the dirt. The damped sponge should be used to remove the stain and the direction in doing this is still counterclockwise. Removing oil in a wool hat should follow the same direction when cleaning the straw hat. The major difference is the process of drying it. Drying a wool hat requires direct sunlight and it should be in a hat form so that it will not deform.

7. Some hats are made of cotton. Removing sweat or dirt in cotton hat such as a bull cap should not be through a washing machine. Before cleaning it, pretreatment is necessary. You just need a baking soda or small amount of OxiClean. Put it in the area you wish to clean and let it stay there for a few minutes.

8. Read more in this infographic.

source: https://acmehatco.com/sweat-stains-dont-sweat-it/


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