3 Cookie Baking Musts Infographic

Baking may seem simple, but there are many tips and tricks out there. It can be difficult to distinguish between passing fads and tried-and-true advice. In this infographic, you will find three essential cookie-baking tips that you should pay attention to. Flour is a key ingredient in most cookie recipes. It provides structure and binds the ingredients together. Using the right amount is crucial. Weighing flour with a kitchen scale (120 grams = 1 cup) is the best way to measure it accurately. Starting with cold dough in the oven will result in undercooked cookies. To avoid this, chill the dough before baking and place it in a preheated oven for better texture. Lastly, leaving cookies on a hot sheet will cause them to overbake. The timing for moving cookies to a cooling rack varies by recipe. Some require immediate removal, while others suggest letting them cool on the pan for a few minutes. In any case, using a wire cooling rack is essential.
As with all choices we make, there will be good and bad consequences. If you disregard these three baking suggestions, you will taste the resulting consequences in your less-than-ideal cookies.

source: https://www.chocolateshippedcookies.com/three-cookie-baking-musts/


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