3 Denture Innovations Infographic

Today’s dentures are so much more comfortable than the uncomfortable and gawky dentures of the past.

Better Components

It seems hard to enjoy a meal with that kind of gunk on your tongue, so they were probably only there for show. There are now several excellent alternatives for dentures that are more sanitary, more comfortable, and more natural-looking because of advancements in synthetic materials like acrylic.

While some cultures experimented with wood or ivory from the tusks of elephants or hippos. You don’t need to worry about where your new teeth came from. They can be made to look exactly like your old ones.

Better Shape

A suitable fit was challenging due to the lack of available tools. Dentures were frequently associated with sores, gaps, and clicking even fifty years ago. Fortunately, new technologies and materials have led to a better fit. It is now simpler to get a precise fit thanks to enhanced measurement and scanning technology. The fit and look of partial or complete dentures may now be improved by creating perfect replicas of real teeth using mold.

Better Look

Even in the previous several decades, technological advancements have made it possible to replicate the hues and contours of genuine teeth. Often, especially with partial dentures, it is nearly difficult to tell if someone is wearing fake teeth. To keep the face looking natural and prevent the sunken appearance caused by losing teeth, getting dentures is one of the reasons.

Some Things Never Change

The necessity to maintain fake teeth hasn’t altered much, despite changes in materials, fit, and look. Even though the teeth are artificial, they still require maintenance. Only if you take care of them will keep the ideal fit and color last.

Continue Brushing and Rinsing

Even if you have a combination of genuine teeth and fake teeth, you should still brush your natural teeth twice a day, paying special attention to your tongue and gums. Flossing is a fantastic technique to maintain healthy gums. Whether your teeth are natural or not, mouthwash is a terrific suggestion for maintaining them. Make sure to rinse it after brushing.

Keep it Cool and Don’t Dry Out

While hot water could keep your teeth whiter longer, it is not a good idea to use it on dentures. Your dentures may get softened and reshaped by hot water, resulting in an uncomfortable fit. Rinse with lukewarm water after brushing, then soak in warm water. The soaking process is crucial. Dry dentures are unsatisfactory. Dryness can lead to cracking, which will destroy the well-engineered fit. After cleaning them, simply place them in a cup of water.

And Yes, You Still Have to Go to the Dentist

Even if your teeth were created in a lab rather than your mouth and the stickers and complimentary toothbrush may not be enough to get you to the dentist, it’s still crucial to go. The dentist monitors the general condition of your mouth, looking for any tongue or gum issues. Additionally, they have a trained eye that will pick up on gaps or movements that you would miss on a daily basis.

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