3 Home Cash Offer FAQs Infographic

The elusive cash offer is the ultimate dream in real estate. When a realtor receives a cash offer on a property, they know they’ve secured an excellent deal. But what exactly is a cash offer? A cash offer means the buyer has the money in the bank to pay for the house without needing a mortgage, bypassing a mortgage lender. There are different types of cash offers. Sometimes, buyers have saved enough money to pay for an entire house in cash. Another type of cash buyer is a real estate investor, often looking to purchase distressed properties. Selling to a cash buyer has a major advantage – it’s quick and straightforward. Cash offers can close much faster and are generally more reliable than financed offers. Whether you’re selling to an individual who wants to make your home their own or to an investor, cash buyers eliminate all the red tape that comes with securing a mortgage.

source: https://www.expresshomebuyers.com/blog/the-differences-between-financed-and-cash-offers-for-your-home/


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