3-Problems-Only-Amazon-Sellers-Understand Infographic

Are you a start-up business owner and you wanted to leverage your strategies through e-commerce? If you read business news and trends, you could probably see that the new platform to join any business community is Amazon. Started out as an online bookstore, it diversified to be a site for almost everything a customer would want to buy. Capitalizing on good reputation through delivering what has been promised and staying customer focused, Amazon has offered an effective distribution strategy among business aspirants. However, in as much as Amazon wants to help everyone, it has to maintain a good reputation through ensuring that its sellers are focusing on the satisfaction of the customers. Hence, this infographic was created to provide you with helpful ideas on how you can cope with the requirements of Amazon.

1. Sales are very important, always maintain a positive one. Consider Amazon as a shopping center that requires all of its tenants will have sales. If sales are not doing good, the center will intervene. The same is true with Amazon. When a seller is experiencing low sales because of quality issues, bad reputation, supplier problems, handling problems, and late delivery, Amazon will be selling the same product. If you sell in the same category, especially the same product, you might be competing with Amazon products and that isn’t just so good for you.

2. Even in the real marketplace, the government imposes restrictions in beauty and healthcare products since these can affect the health of a consumer. For example, products sold under health categories cannot promote all types of products. Amazon does it too. If it is your first time to sell in the Amazon platform don’t lose hope if Amazon will not approve your posting about selling your beauty product. But, this does not also mean that you will stop trying. Amazon simply wants to see if you are serious about offering the product to the market and if it is really true in its promises. After a few trials, Amazon may accept it.

3. Selling a product with the label “New Condition” can capture the interest of the buyer because they will expect something in it. Unfortunately, Amazon does not want you to do that. AS it creates an expectation, if a seller cannot deliver as equal to that level, the customer will be disappointed causing problems not just to the seller but to the entire Amazon community. Hence, it is only Amazon that is allowed to use the term “new condition” for the status of the product. You can use other phrases to inform your customers about the condition of the product. Amazon protects not just your business and those of others but also the customers who may be easily get hooked up by such a catchy phrase.

4. These are just a few of the restrictions you must overcome. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you should be able to follow these rules so that you can stay selling using the Amazon platform. Actually, these are simple ones but the return could be far greater than selling in the shopping centers.


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