3 Reasons Customer Reviews Matter Infographic

If you are not a business-minded person, then you do not worry about online reviews. However, if you own a restaurant, you will probably believe that online review is the real deal. And you may perhaps worry that one bad review may destroy your business.

So think again. If it really matters to you, here we give you the 3 good reasons why every business – whether small or big should welcome and encourage online reviews.

1. Higher Conversion Rates
Another compelling aspect of online reviews is that most 90% of consumers polled said that the reviews were so influential. You recommend or suggest to a friend during the decision making of what product or service you would try.
And now that most consumers use a variety of online review sites. Amazon is most popular for consumers looking for online reviews. Although you don’t sell products on Amazon, be aware that the products you sell may be reviewed in there. Aside from Amazon, Google, Yelp, and Facebook are platforms that customers read product reviews specifically within the regions. Getting reviewed on many sites will help any business increase its online presence.

2. Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google aimed to provide information from the web. Thus, their algorithm is carefully assessed in order to boost online business and visibility. The review, however, plays a major role in every website – whether it’s negative or positive. Marketing strategies such as SEO encourage online business to produce quality information which may be valuable to its target audience.

3. Positive Feedback and Reviews
Reviews or feedback is a gateway for better communication for business owners and your target audience. Take note, reviews are an online business lifeline. When you have negative feedback try to reach out with your unhappy client and get some affirmation.

Remember, online reviews affect purchasing behaviour. About ¾ of consumers in the survey say that online reviews are essential to them. The significance of reviews, how often your consumers rely on them varies depending on what you sell.

In case, you are not encouraging your customers to write reviews to your online business, then you are missing a good chance to gain potential customers’ trust and get them into your business. And the worst thing if few customers write reviews are having a disproportionate effect on what other thinks of your business. One negative review will affect big time to your business and online presence.

Otherwise, when your website has no reviews or feedback visible in Google, you can install plugins and add testimonial page on your page. By having a review or testimonial section will be a great addition to the feature of your business site. When you guide your customers to give reviews, let them enjoy the benefits of your services or products. Then you can ask them to give their review or feedback. Actually, there are several people that are willing to give back the good deeds of receiving your quality service. They are happy to fill every testimonial page. Though these reviews or feedback might be skeptical to some it will help any business to gain more credibility.

source: https://www.prospershow.com/media/prosper-blog/how-customer-reviews-will-benefit-your-business


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