3 Reasons Not to Drive with a Flat Tire Infographic

Flat tires are a major inconvenience for vehicle owners, causing panic and a rush to find a spare tire. The situation can be resolved by ensuring the vehicle has the necessary equipment and knowledge to fix the flat. However, if the spare tire is also out of air, or the driver is short on time and the destination is only a few miles away, driving slowly to reach the destination may seem reasonable. Driving on a flat tire is never the right choice, as it can lead to accidents and damage to the vehicle. It is essential to have a spare tire and the necessary equipment to avoid accidents and ensure a safe journey.

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In 2021, 622 people lost their lives due to tire-related crashes in the United States. Impaired driving, including a flat tire, compromises the driving experience and creates dangerous situations for both the driver and others on the road. Properly inflated tires provide control and stability, while a flat tire disables the vehicle’s intended movement, making it difficult to operate. Additionally, driving on a deflated tire can ignite a tire fire, which is difficult to extinguish and spread quickly, making it extremely hazardous. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure safe driving practices to prevent accidents and injuries.


Flat tires can be repaired with simple and inexpensive methods, such as nail punctures or patching up a punctured tire. However, driving on a flat tire can turn a small issue into a big problem, as the tire can be shred completely, leading to a higher cost for a tire replacement rather than a tire repair. This can result in a shredded tire that is unusable and beyond repair.


A flat tire not only affects driveability but also provides cushion and support to the wheel system. It puts unnecessary pressure and weight on areas of the car that don’t come in contact with the road. Driving without air in a tire can cause damage to the wheel, rim, rotors, fenders, alignment, braking system, suspension system, and steering system. These critical components are essential for a vehicle’s safety and can result in expensive repairs. Therefore, it’s crucial to drive on a flat tire for optimal performance.

When you find a flat tire, you may feel overwhelmed and contemplate making a dangerous trip on a tire that is not suitable for driving. However, it is crucial to remember that driving on a deflated tire is not the solution, as it can cause damage to your vehicle, yourself, and others on the road.

In times like this, it is very important to know the right people to call for help. Towing services are crucial for those stranded with a faulty vehicle, offering towing, roadside assistance, and car lock-out services to help with roadside emergencies at any time. Roadside assistance or car breakdown services offer peace of mind in case of unexpected breakdowns, such as flat tires or dead batteries. They can dispatch a tow truck or send a mechanic to resolve the issue. These services can save time and money compared to out-of-pocket costs and provide security and protection in emergency situations. It’s crucial to choose a reliable and trustworthy service, so research and compare options before selecting one.

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