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Selling for the first time requires much careful planning and strategic activities. One of your strategies might be to utilize the Amazon platform. Indeed, Amazon has been a successful online selling place for many types of products. It has already created a reputation that could make your product also appear reliable to the customers. However, you are not alone in selling in this virtual marketplace. What you need is to do it right the first time! This infographic will give you some tips that are crucial to generate better sales results.

1. Be eligible in winning the buy box. Why do you need to do it? If you are not a manufacturer of your product, this is crucial to your success. How do you win it? You can be eligible by ensuring that your products have Amazon Standard Identification Number. This will make your listing more credible in the eyes of the customers. Second, scan the prices of your competitors. More often than not, selling at a lower price is successful for new sellers. However, don’t set too low prices that would entail losses instead of profit.

2. You can also establish the confidence of your customers in your product if they believed that it was Amazon that fulfilled their orders. That’s why it is recommended that you always attach “fulfilled by Amazon” sign. Aside from that. Amazon may list you in their Premium Listings. The earlier you join the higher are the chances that your Amazon journey will be successful.

3. ASIN piggybacking is one of the most powerful tactics that will allow you to increase your sales dramatically. What is ASIN piggybacking? Remember that the premise here is that you don’t manufacture your products. So, find a manufacturer that provides not so unique product and determine its Amazon Standard Identification Number. Ask the manufacturer about the price of the product. Negotiate and make a bargain so you can set a lower price it. If the manufacturer does not agree on your terms, don’t lose hope. You can find a different manufacturer in the same niche or product category.

4. Uniform Resource Locators are also essential. If you search for a product, there are several characters that you can see in the URL. You can find the keywords used by the user. Hence, you must customize the URL that will make it easier for Amazon to keep track of the searches. If Amazon found out that there are several customers that search for your product, it will have a higher chance to be viewed when relevant searches are made. This means that you can drive traffic to your own site just by using a leading link.

5. Don’t easily give up when you think that your Amazon inventories are not moving. You just need to make some actions and try to follow the ones listed above. Understand how the customers will search for the product in Amazon so you can be more relevant to them. Also, ensure that your products are of quality to ensure positive feedback from the buyers.



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