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You might be one of those who want to establish their own business but hesitant to do so or are hindered by no capitalization to be used for the business operations. This is common for most of the known businesses today have gone through the stage of starting up their business from scratch. But unlike before when venturing into business is difficult, the modern generation offers vast opportunities for business aspirants. The presence of Amazon and other e-commerce sites inspires more and more people to go into business even with little or no money at all. This infographic provides proof of this claim. These tips came from real sellers who started their business without investing much money into it.

1. The first thing you must ask yourself would be “what are you going to sell?” True enough, production entails capitalization that is if you are a manufacturing business. However, why not try to look around your house. There might be some items that are still worthy of being sold to others who may have a need for it. Take a look at your shelf, do you have plenty of books but don’t have time to read it or simply you don’t want to read them? Instead of letting it rot and torn into pieces, why not sell it online? Before doing so, evaluate the condition of the book, you are still selling it and it must be worth the price you will charge for it. You can also sell reference manuals, textbooks and obscure titles that are no longer available in the bookstores.

2. You’ve got too many gift items and don’t know where to store it? It’s time to put it to good use by making a good packaging and taking pictures of its best angle so you can post it online. This is more appropriate for items that are too many to keep especially the ones given for birthdays and Christmas.

3. Have you ever heard of thrift stores? These are establishments that operate on everyday low price strategy. The products are sold at a lower price but some of the items can be charged higher than that. Get some items that could be considered valuable and collectibles by others. Sell it at an appropriate price to your target market and you will surely hit it. However, do not exaggerate your price just to make it appear that your product is expensive because your customers might have higher expectations that could cause disappointment if not met by your product.

4. If you are fond of getting souvenirs from other establishments, these souvenirs have a soft spot on Amazon. So, get your Starbucks mug, vintage collections and other items that hold a special meaning to other people.

5. Wondering about how your customers will be able to pay you? The answer is Paypal. Create a PayPal account that will be used by the business in buying inventory in Amazon, and can be used as a medium where buyers can pay for the products they have bought. Thanks to the internet, you can now transact online within and beyond the boundaries of your nation.


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