3 Ways Sleep Affects Your Oral Health Infographic

Girls often have this thing called beauty rest especially when an occasion is about to come. They would sleep early, put some face mask on and maximize the eight-hour sleep requirement. However, boys are more of night people. Bonding with friends or playing online games that could reach even midnight. They tend to disregard that thing called beauty rest. However, sleeping is not just for your beauty but also to improve a person’s health. This infographic may provide significant insights into why you should stop cutting off your sleep just to spend your time playing or drinking.

1. Sleeping for eight hours from 10 PM to 6 AM tends to be the best schedule for someone who wishes to improve his or her health and appearance. During this time period, growth hormones
are being released in the body. This helps the body get rejuvenated which could be manifested through healthier skin. It will be smooth and firm with no sagging and wrinkles. With the right amount of sleep, your brain and heart will function better.

2. Sleeping right indeed provide benefits for the body but what about the shorter time period of sleep? The benefits of sleeping are not discriminatory among different genders. More so, the negative effects of not properly sleeping are also not discriminatory. Both male and female can experience the health problems brought by staying late and sleeping very little. When you deprive yourself of the right amount of sleep, your body will feel tension and nervousness. Such problems can elevate to having a low immune system. It makes the body prone to diseases especially oral problems including gum diseases which can lead to bleeding and losing a tooth. How could you smile confidently if you missed one?

3. There are many ways that you can do to have a better sleeping pattern. Some mobile phones even have built-in applications that can help you with your sleeping schedules. You can set your sleeping and waking up time every day. Such would help you discipline yourself because it will always remind you of your goals to have sufficient sleeping hours. What if you missed the schedule? You might say that it could happen just for once but actually, you won’t feel the effects of insufficient sleep in one night. Because of this, you will feel complacent and eventually forget about having a healthy sleeping habit. However, the truth is, the effects of not sleeping right can be felt later in life. This is when you already developed diseases that will not allow you to smile widely.

4. Do not deprive yourself of sleeping because that is the reason why night is created. Life is more precious than a bunch of work and money. You won’t be able to enjoy life truly if you don’t feel good about yourself. You don’t need to spend lots of money on it, you just need to give time for yourself by allowing the body to rest for seven to eight hours per night. It is easy than working, is it not?

source: https://www.feltfamilydentistry.com/sleep-deprivation-can-affect-your-smile/


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