4 Advantages of a Business Static IP Infographic

The static IP address makes it simpler for employees working remotely to connect with their employer’s network via a VPN, which is advantageous for remote-first enterprises. What is a static IP and how does it vary from the IP address used typically by my business? We provide solutions to these and other queries.

What is a static IP?

An internet service provider will issue a device (such as a computer or router) a static IP address, which is a set numerical address that is assigned permanently. Consider it like a phone number if you want to comprehend it more quickly. By using the same IP address, users or other devices will always be able to find your device. Static IP is distinct from the dynamic IP that many firms employ on a regular basis.

Why is a static IP advantageous for my enterprise?

Using a static IP for your servers, networks, and devices has various advantages. These consist of:

Steadfast VoIP Communications

By establishing a constant and steady connection between the VoIP system and your devices, a static IP makes VoIP communications more dependable.

Accessible Server Identification

It will be simpler for clients to discover you using DNS if you run a server such as an email or webmail server. Clients may easily find the IP address since it is constant and unchangeable, regardless of where they are or which router they are behind.

Less Hazard of Downtime

Utilizing a static IP address might lessen the possibility of downtime brought on by IP address disputes or other problems. The continuity of these IP addresses throughout time ensures steady network connectivity.

Straightforward Remote Access

Employees may work remotely more easily with TeamViewer or other remote access applications when they have a static IP address. If a member of your remote team has a changing IP address, they might need to request a new address while trying to log in to your system.

Which equipment and servers require a static IP?

Web Servers: Use a static IP address if you’re hosting your company website on your own server. A fixed IP increases website security while also making setups easier.

Email Servers: A static IP server is more private and secure for hosting email than a dynamic IP server. You have more control over the security of your emails, the spam filter, and other things with a seamless email server.

FTP Servers: For staff members linked to a local network, these servers aid in establishing a mechanism of data transfer. For both network administrators and staff workers, using a static IP for your FTP will simplify things.

Database Servers: Numerous businesses save sensitive customer information, such as payment information for these services, or unique information pertaining to their products or services. The computer or node can more easily find where the data is stored in the database when the servers have static IP addresses.

How to acquire a static IP address?

Call your internet service provider and ask them to add static IPs to your services to set it up yourself. When choosing the appropriate plan or package to offer your company with static IPs, a managed IT services provider like Great Service can assist you.

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