4 Advantages of Employing Skilled Administrative Support Staff Infographic

The change in technology and organizational structure of businesses affected the responsibilities of administrative support staff. A few years back, there was a clear delineation of duties between the top executives and their secretaries. Today, it is necessary to have capable administrative employees to keep the company’s daily operations running smoothly. There is a high return on investment when an organization has competent administrative support.

Benefits of Administrative Assistants

Technological tools have made the workplace more autonomous than before. Managers and executives can now efficiently manage their schedules and respond to any questions from clients and employees. Despite all these, administrative assistants are still needed to complete tasks other than the ones covered by the tools. That way, the company can reap a wider range of benefits.

  • Centralized Communication

Slow communication can deter business and hinder progress. With an administrative staff’s reliable point of contact, all parties can communicate with ease; thus, relieving the communication frustration.

  • Save Time

Executives can focus on essential tasks when the responsibilities are delegated. Support staff handles everything from answering phones to scheduling appointments. It frees up manager’s time so they can devote it to staffing key positions or implementing a new initiative.

  • Clerical Expert

Tedious paperwork comes with every job. It could be expense reports or visuals for a meeting that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Otherwise, they’ll pile up. An excellent administrative staff can anticipate and take care of these promptly, which will save effort and time.

  • First Impressions

Once a client steps through the front door, they are greeted by the support staff. It is crucial to put the best foot forward and make a good and lasting first impression.

Cutting Back

The main reason why despite the many benefits of having administrative staff, many companies are cutting back on it is that it costs money. Profitability is vital in a business, and spending is most beneficial on essential matters. But if you look at it closely, hiring an admin to run office operations instead of piling them up on executives and managers is more practical. This way, the company is paying less for more accuracy and efficiency. The only time an administrative assistant fails is if there are roadblocks in communications. Thus, it is essential to develop a reliable working relationship between support staff and executives.

Recognizing the Best Candidates

Good support staff can understand and fulfill requests as well as anticipate executives’ needs. It is a challenge to find an administrative staff with a keen understanding of the workflow and preference of a manager or executive. When looking for an individual to fill the position, check their communication skills. Are they adaptable, expert problem solvers, and perform tasks well even outside their comfort zone? If your company is having trouble assessing candidates, staffing firms can help you with that.

Current trends are cutting back staff and flattening the business structure. But a wise executive will still keep administrative assistants and allot a budget for them. When a company has reliable administrative support, the day-to-day operations are expected to go smoothly, making it easier to move forward and meet the customers’ needs.

source: https://perelson.com/the-advantages-of-employing-skilled-administrative-support-staff/


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