4 Bathing Benefits Infographic

Whether you’re a morning, night, or any time-of-day shower enthusiast, each time has its own set of benefits. Morning showers can invigorate you, starting the day with a refreshing scent like pine tar soap that awakens the senses and prepares you to face the day feeling clean and refreshed. They also wash away the sweat and bacteria accumulated during the night, giving your skin a fresh start. On the other hand, night showers ensure you go to bed clean, rinsing off the dirt and pollution accumulated throughout the day. This can improve skin health and give you a fresh start in the morning. Additionally, a nighttime shower provides a relaxing end to your day, offering a moment of self-care and helping you unwind. Ultimately, the best time to shower depends on your personal preference and lifestyle, as both morning and night showers offer unique advantages.

source: https://www.packerspine.com/blogs/news/when-is-the-best-time-of-day-to-shower


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