4 Benefits of Hardscaping Your Property Infographic

Landscaping is not just about trees, bushes, and plants that are carefully laid out; it is also about planting for hardscaped areas. Hardscaping includes items in the design such as retaining walls, walkways, fire pits, and benches. This includes anything that is not alive and breathing, artificial features created from materials like gravel, stone, wood, mulch, or concrete. Why should you consider hardscaping for your backyard? We will give you four reasons how hardscaping can make a significant difference.

Increased Property Value

Hardscaping has the potential to add property value to your home. Instead of the grassy and unusable areas outside, a patio or deck offers a more usable space that buyers can use for entertainment and relaxation. Around 80% of potential home buyers especially look for an outdoor patio when looking for a property to purchase. If you are looking to sell your home, it is an excellent idea to hardscape your front or back yard.

Added Privacy

Building wooden fences, walls, stone boundaries, and pergolas through hardscaping can build a layer of privacy in your yard. Designing your outdoor space for privacy can benefit everyone, including your pet. It can signal how guests should enter and exit your home as it directs the flow of traffic in your yard. An iron gate will block a passage, while a paved path will welcome people to your front door. With privacy, you can also keep your nosy neighbor in their place.

Increased Free Time

Hardscaping is low maintenance since there are no living things that require watering or mowing from time to time. There is no pruning needed or worrying when the snow starts piling up since there is no flower or bush that could die in the cold weather. With less yard work, you have more free time to relax and do more essential things that require your attention. In addition, hardscaping can prevent issues linked to erosion and the time and money needed when the areas erode and the plants die off. In many cases, hardscaping is the permanent solution to weather-related concerns haunting your yard.

Added Design Creativity

Those who want to enhance and add creativity to their yard area can go for hardscaping. Instead of a green and lush lawn, hardscaping done by a professional hardscaping contractor can give more dimension to a yard. This includes borders, planter beds, walls, and fencing that add interesting and stunning lines to the place. Fire pits, statues, sculptures, and garden walls are also great hardscaping ideas you can try.

A hardscaping done right can add more structure, organization, and interest with a simple concrete area or a deck. Your pet will thank you for it, too, as it can keep them inside your property while keeping pests like skunks out of your yard. Hardscaping can benefit your lifestyle and improve your property value, and many homeowners are starting to realize this. It offers a short-term benefit of free time and is a long-term investment at the same time. So consider incorporating hardscaping in your yard.

source: https://warelandscaping.com/the-difference-hardscaping-can-make/


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