4 Benefits of Recruiting Analytics Infographic

Recruitment, Selection, and Placement are one of the most time consuming and tedious processes the organizations have. It is the entry point for employees. And in the perspective of the management, it is essential to get the most qualified personnel for the position since he/she will carry out tasks that are essential in the achievement of the vision and mission of the organization.

here are many theories about how a person should be selected for the position. However, this process can be augmented through modern technology. Software has been developed to provide aid to human resource officers. There are many steps in the recruitment and selection process, it includes pre-screening, examinations, interviews, medical tests, and background checks. Understanding the dynamics of human resource processes, you must think of a way to shorten the process. This infographic may enlighten your human resource management department, especially if you are a large corporation.

1. Unless the position that was vacated is part of the top management level and the company has succession plans, the posting of job vacancy is necessary. Recruitment starts with encouraging qualified applicants to apply for the position. However, there are several recruitment sources which could either be internal or external. External sources could be through postings in strategic areas or bulletin boards and even through advertisements. However, using all of the recruitment sources can be problematic because you will be flooded with application letters and resumes in which some of those won’t be qualified. So, to avoid this problem you need to know which leads provide you the better results in terms of the quality of applicants. This will be also useful for future vacancies.

2. As mentioned above there are several steps in the recruitment and selection process. The recruiting analytics will give you reports on the average time spent by the applicant in every stage of the process. What benefits does it provide? You will know which is the bottleneck and it will give a chance to re-strategize to avoid such hassle in the recruitment process.

3. The process of hiring and placing an applicant to the appropriate position needs investment. Which process needs much investment can be analyzed through the recruiting analytics. Steps like interview and exams may need extra effort, especially if there are lots of qualified applicants. The report may show that you need another officer to conduct the test and the interview and do it simultaneously. For large firms, this could be necessary. But for firms hiring executives may have the same set of recruiting officers.

4. What if the vacant position is only one and you’ve got multiple applicants on the line and most of them are fitted for the job? Through recruiting analytics, you can make the best decision. The software will help you breakdown information and be able to see which one stands out from the rest of the candidates. If you don’t invest in this kind of technology, you might end up having too much information to process and decision making could be difficult and will take some time.

source: https://perelson.com/recruiting-analytics-and-why-they-matter/


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