4 Benefits of Tech Touch Customer Success Infographic

According to Harvard Business Review research, B2B clients prefer having their needs met in ways that give them a sense of competence, connection, and liberty.

Tech Touch Customer Success supports human efforts rather than replaces them in order to offer clients the information they require at the right time in the most valuable format.

How does Tech Touch customer success work?

Tech Touch combines automation for CSMs with tailored, pertinent experiences for the client. With little assistance from humans, the program handles communications and check-ins on the CSM’s behalf. The consumer won’t know that CSM jobs are automated or scaled because they receive attentive attention. If done well, it produces tangible business benefits.

4 Benefits Of Tech Touch For Customer Success

1. Communication and education tailored to each individual

Customers receiving the information they require at the proper time is a crucial component of tech touch CS. It’s tailored right away, whether it’s a notification because of low usage, a renewal alert, or an in-app window announcing the newest feature.

2. Collecting customer insights

Tech touch is a preemptive technique to help users when they need extra help with the onboarding process, adopting, or troubleshooting without taking up your time. Even better, this information will contribute to the development of your customer health ratings, which you can use to better comprehend customer demands and prevent turnover by actively fixing current issues.

3. Time-saving for CSMs

Tech touch CS eliminates the requirement for a human to manage every interaction. When you have a handful of customers on the client list, let alone hundreds or thousands of low-revenue customers, this is handy.

4. Utilize cross-channel communication more effectively

Delivering an in-app pop-up to a consumer who isn’t using the application is unproductive. However, you might email them instead. You could even use advertising to re-target them. A computer can assist you in figuring out all the specifics, which results in better customer communication.

Tech Touch Customer Success Delivers The Most Value

If used properly, Tech Touch CS can have a huge impact.

Management of onboarding

Data and categorization allow you to personalize your communication to the needs and objectives of your consumers. Using useful guides that are specifically tailored to their needs, encourages actions and future steps or draws their attention to missed ones.

Customer Success Qualified Lead (CSQL) prompts

What happens if you don’t examine usage metrics on the day a customer spikes? A tech-savvy CS automation can be useful in this situation because it can automatically review usage data and provide you a prompt to get in touch if a client is prepared for growth.

Re-engagement campaigns

When you discover your customers aren’t using the resources you provide for them, you can re-energize their involvement. Tech touch CS enables you to not only monitor their usage but also to launch email campaigns to pique their attention once more.

Self-service and DIY assistance campaigns

When customers are seeking a quick answer but have to sift through an ocean of information to get it, they are more likely to give up. With a comprehensive help center, your customer may take care of their own needs whenever and wherever they are without having to wait for help from another person.

When Not To Utilize Tech Touch To Improve Customer Success

Tech touch CS has a lot of fantastic applications, but occasionally a person is still necessary. Here are three situations in which using robots might not be the best choice.

1. Renewal talks about complex or large contracts

Even though you might automatically alert customers that their renewal anniversary is approaching, the conversation itself should involve a human.

2. Significant escalation

Involve a human being if someone has used your DIY resources but is still having problems. This will be a chance to assist that consumer and perhaps improve your DIY tools going forward.

3. Developing sincere relationships

Relationships are a human game. According to the demands of your customer base and the capabilities inside your business, there should always be places where people may step in.

Humans and Automation Through Tech Touch

Tech touch CS enables you to streamline several operations while giving your clients a sense of importance and visibility. While doing so, you are gathering important information to improve their experience and increase your efficacy.

If your procedures are done correctly, they scale up easily, allowing you to do more with technology resources than by adding another team member. When tech touch CS is done extremely effectively, it boosts your bottom line so much that you can recruit more people to do all the strategic work that is now required for customer success.

source: https://catalyst.io/blog/the-4-benefits-of-tech-touch-customer-success


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