4 Client Communication Improvements Infographic

Utilizing a text messaging system for business, in addition to emails and letters, is an effective way to distribute information. These mediums can also serve as concrete evidence if mistakes are made. Although mistakes are inevitable, it’s better to minimize errors whenever possible. While you don’t want to devote excessive time to any single message and detract from other important tasks, always take a moment to review your message before hitting send. Ensure your numbers are accurate, as fast typing can lead to misplaced decimals or transposed figures. Verify every word since many programs can check for grammatical errors, enhancing the professionalism of your communication. Pay attention to your tone, especially if you are writing in response to an emotional communication or after dealing with a difficult client, as emotional tension can influence your word choice and overall tone. Lastly, consider automation for routine messages. Automated text messaging systems can handle reminders about appointments or required documents, ensuring accuracy and consistency without repeated proofreading.

source: https://proclient.com/improving-communication-with-your-clients/


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