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Gum diseases can lead to bad breath which could make you feel unease and anxious whenever you are talking to other people. It will also lower your self-esteem which limits your social skills and ability to expand your networks. Especially for professions that require connecting with other people, having a bad breath can decrease your chance of closing a deal or making new friends. You might wonder why you still have the bad breath even though you are brushing your teeth regularly. Check on the health of your gums because bacteria might be living in there. Changes in your lifestyle, diet, and exercise can help alleviate the problem but knowing and avoiding the causes of gum diseases can have a long-term effect.

1. Are you familiar with tartar? It is the rock-like substance that builds up because of the bacteria that looks like a sticky film attached to the teeth. Good hygiene practices such as brushing the teeth, using mouthwash or gloss to ensure that no food remains in your teeth can prevent the build-up of tartar. However, when the tartar is wide and thick, you must pay a visit to your dentist. They have tools that will make the cleaning easier. That’s why it is recommended that you go to the dentist for proper cleaning once a month.

2. Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health. This is indeed true not just to your lungs but also to your gums. Tobacco contains toxic materials that are left in your mouth whenever you smoke. Especially the nicotine, it can cause stained teeth— the reason why most smokers have yellow teeth which could be not so appealing to someone talking to you. That’s why a lifestyle change is necessary if you want to get rid of bad breath. Aside from healthy diet, a regular exercise could also help a lot. It is not easy but it surely is worth it.

3. Are you treated for other health conditions in which you are prescribed with many medicines to take? This can also lead to gum diseases. However, you can’t stop taking your medicines because you are worried about your gums. Your option is to go to your physician and ask whether they can give you alternative medicines. If not, a dentist may help you in what could you add in your oral care routine.

4. You brush your teeth. You use mouthwash every after brushing. You even use breath freshener. You don’t smoke and you don’t drink alcohol. But, why is it that you still have bad breath and your gums are starting to ache? It is also possible that the cause is not the medications but your current medical condition such as having diabetes and any other diseases that keep your immune system low and make you prone to inflammation. In this case, you need to get the help of both the physician and a dentist so that they can recommend medicines that can treat your diabetes but also good for your gums.



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