4 Common Tire Tools Infographic

Driving a car for a year or more could make you already be familiar with your car, its engines, tires and other parts of it. However, you could have probably taken for granted the tools that are provided so that when the car breakdowns in a place where there is no tire shop, you can do some preliminary repairs just to keep it moving until you reach the nearest shop to help you with your car problem. If you look into the tire tools, there would be many items that you can see but its purpose could be hard to figure out. This infographic reveals the different common tire tools that are often used during breakdowns involving a flat tire.

1. It is customary that a driver has a reserve spare tire. However, mounting the reserve tire could be difficult to do and worst is that it can be impossible for young drivers who are not familiar with the tire tools. Truly, a spare tire could be considered not helpful at all if you do not have a wrench, specifically, a jack and lug wrench. It could be in different forms like the scissor jack, bumper jacks etc. In an auto repair shop, you can see it as a full car lift.

2. Of course, you are not going to stay inside the car because you will have to park it somewhere and go to a mall, a grocery store, and entertainment or lodging houses for an overnight. What you might fear of is the possibility that thieves are around and they might eye your car tires. To prevent them from taking anything, you can use a special keyed lug nut socket that will always keep your tires intact. Once you used this wheel lock, ensure that you keep the keys in a safe and secure place.

3. Have you seen a car that has one position for all of its tires? Definitely, not. Cars are designed in which the tires are located in different positions. Usually, these tires are on the side in which you can easily see and replacing it with a spare tire could be easy. However, there are car designs in which the tire is located under the vehicle. If you are a traveller, and your tires have flattened, how do you suppose you can replace the tire? In a tire shop, what you can use is a full car lift. What if there is no shop around the area? This is where extension bars can be very useful. It will allow you to lower the spare.

4. This is a problem most of women: mounting the wheels onto the car. Without much strength, it could sound impossible to mount the wheels but it is not so if you have alignment studs. This allows you to align the wheel bolt opening with its hub openings. That is why it is necessary that you must always bring all of these tools because no one can tell what may happen along the way. The truth is, a flat tire is not much of a problem if you know how to use your tools.

source: https://burtbrothers.com/blog/must-have-car-repair-tools/


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