4 Consequences of Poor Customer Services Infographic

Customer remains to be the center of a business endeavour. Without their loyalty and patronage, it would be hard to compete in a highly saturated market where products and services are highly available. There are companies that focus on creating a market-centered approach in the way they provide services to their customers. Regardless of the industry a business belongs, excellent customer service is imperative. In modern times, competition is high and similar product availability poses a threat for both new and old businesses. However, if you can get a market, that will prefer your company not just because of the product you offer but also because they were able to create a connection or rapport through positive customer experience, your business will become a leader in the industry. Therefore, you need to understand how poor customer service can adversely affect the performance of the business as a whole. This infographic provides actual reasons why you must strive to achieve excellent customer service.

1. Guard your reputation through installing a system where the customer is the center. Poor customer service can affect the company’s reputation. More so, a dissatisfied customer can create a multiplier effect which means that one angry customer may share their experiences with their friends. It will convince those who were half-hearted in choosing your company as their provider because a real negative experience was shared with them. Yes, this is what you call a damaged reputation and it never provides leverage to a business.

2. Employees are considered internal stakeholders. However, they are also spectators of how the company performs and provide services to its customers. When employees see that the place they are working is often given negative remarks because of poor customer service, they may not want to associate themselves with it, thus, resulting in employee turn-over. The employees who feel like they are carrying the heavy burden of the company problems tend to find alternative opportunities outside. Who would not leave a company who does not prioritize its customers?

3. There are times when customers complain about a certain product or service. However, these customers do not really plan on leaving the company for good but may try another offer. If the employees handling their complaints and problems can’t provide effective customer service, these angry customers will shift to another supplier. But, they will stay with the company if they can feel the empathy and sympathy of the customer service representatives. If not, your leads will decline to result in low sales. Also, if the customer service representatives can’t properly answer to the query of the potential customers, you can bid goodbye to new leads. That is why training in customer service is also a necessity.

4. Ultimately, the result of poor customer service is slow sales. When this happens, you have two options: increase marketing efforts or cut costs across the board. However, cutting costs especially in terms of employee incentives will de-motivate employees leading to absenteeism of employee turn-over. Slow sales can turn your business in a critical condition because it might not be able to pay its obligations.

source: https://www.prospershow.com/media/prosper-blog/consequences-of-poor-customer-service


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