4 Creative Ways to Get Green Tea Into Your Diet Infographic

The taste of green tea is not that appealing to include it in your daily diet. However, the health benefits that you can get from this should compel you to drink it at least once a day. Green tea has been proven to lower the risk of having diabetes (type 2) and cardiovascular diseases. Improving your memory as well as lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease can also be possible with the help of green tea. Because it is rich in antioxidants, green tea is also effective in reducing the inflammation and anxiety that you get because of stress. These are just a few of the health benefits that are provided by green tea. Now, how can you include green tea in your diet without being bothered by its smell or taste? You can get inspirations from this infographic.

1. Do you love meat, vegetables or tofu? Green tea that is mixed with salt, honey, and pepper will taste different and it is a compliment to your marinated favorites. Before you cook the meat, you need to marinate it with your favorite spices. The green tea will enhance the taste of your meal and will make you want to drink more tea.

2. Do you usually start your day with a cup of coffee? Do you really think that it gave you the energy you need for the entire day? This is actually a common misconception. People thought that they can’t get through the day without coffee because of the coffee per se but actually, it is because your body has been used to drinking coffee. Changing your morning routine gradually may allow you to eliminate the habit of drinking coffee every morning. Instead, you will be accustomed to drinking green tea. Yoghurts are among your favorite breakfast choices and you can add some twist in it by adding green tea powder. Will it turn your yoghurt to color green? Yeah, but it will turn your yoghurt into something more beneficial. To increase your appetite to eat the green yoghurt, add some berries or pecans. You will surely have a breakfast rich with antioxidants.

3. Have fun eating rice? The Asians are used to eating rice. The process of cooking it requires soaking in water for a few minutes. If you want to have a healthier rice version, soak the rice with green tea. It will absorb the health benefits provided by green tea. What is the best viand for your “green tea rice”? You can choose from stir-fry or smoked fish. You can also prepare soup and this will definitely be an awesome meal for you and the family.

4. Don’t like rice in the morning because you prefer oatmeal? Usually, oatmeals are part of the morning routine of a person. You might add milk or chocolate milk into it. But, if you want to get your oatmeal better, replace milk with green tea. The tea component will enhance the nutty flavor of the oatmeal and provide you with ant-oxidants. You don’t need to buy anti-oxidants that are commercially available because you can simply get it from green tea.

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