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Daniel A. Spitz, a three-time Grammy nominee and renowned thrash metal guitarist, thrives on challenges and never stops pursuing his passions. His latest endeavor, the Raw Metal Series One watch, represents his ambition to design and manufacture an all-American, Swiss-grade luxury timepiece. Spitz’s deep roots in watchmaking trace back to his grandfather’s jewelry and watch shop in the Catskill mountains, where his fascination with luxury watches began at age eight.

After a successful music career with Anthrax, where the band sold over 30 million albums and achieved global fame, Spitz shifted his focus entirely to watchmaking in 1995. He pursued formal education in watchmaking, ultimately opening luxury watch service centers in New Jersey and Florida. Here, he immersed himself in repairing and restoring vintage Patek Philippe watches, which remain his passion.

Spitz’s journey continued with valuable experiences at Chopard, where he honed his skills working on complex watch mechanisms. This period further fueled his desire to create his own luxury watches. In a 2020 interview, he reflected on this time, expressing gratitude for the experience allowing him to build intricate timepieces under his own brand.

source: https://www.timesticking.com/dan-spitz-watches-heavy-metal-meets-raw-metal/


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