4 Data Management Software Benefits Infographic

Data security is crucial for accounting firms. A breach can harm your reputation and lead to client loss. The right client data management system can prevent stress and lawsuits. A robust cloud-based accounting practice management software will meet industry standards by automatically updating security features to counter new threats, ensuring your system is always up to date. Paper files pose a security risk, whereas encrypted cloud-based storage offers better protection. Clients can securely upload documents from their homes or offices, and transmitting data through a client portal is more secure. Secure communication is also vital. Instead of using easily hackable emails, texts, or phone calls, communicating through a client portal ensures all interactions are encrypted and securely recorded, reducing the risk of miscommunications. Furthermore, a good data management system allows you to limit access to sensitive information. While skilled employees can handle routine tasks, only authorized personnel, like tax preparers, should access clients’ personal information. This level of control is impossible with paper files, which are accessible to anyone in the building. Using advanced software ensures that only designated team members can access specific parts of a client’s file, enhancing security and protecting sensitive data.

source: https://proclient.com/how-accounting-client-management-software-protects-your-business/


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