4 Deferred Sales Trust Benefits Infographic

Having a solid exit strategy is crucial for real estate investors to maximize returns and minimize tax liability. While selling properties or using a 1031 Exchange both offer benefits, a lesser-known option called a Deferred Sales Trust (DST) could significantly transform your approach to real estate investing. One of the main reasons to consider a DST is its ability to unlock tax savings. Instead of paying capital gains taxes immediately upon selling a property, a DST allows you to defer and spread these taxes over time. A DST provides more flexibility for reinvestment compared to a 1031 exchange. With a DST, you are not limited to reinvesting in real estate within a 180-day timeframe. Instead, you can diversify your investment portfolio to include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cryptocurrency, and more. A Deferred Sales Trust also provides asset protection. By placing your assets into a trust, they are sheltered from lawsuits or other tax claims. This protection offers peace of mind, safeguarding your hard-earned assets against unforeseen legal or financial challenges. When set up correctly, a DST can help transfer assets to your heirs while reducing estate taxes and avoiding probate costs. This trust structure allows you to pass your wealth directly to beneficiaries, creating a lasting legacy for future generations without the complexities of traditional estate transfers. Implementing a Deferred Sales Trust requires professional expertise. Working with experienced tax attorneys and DST trustees can ensure that this strategy is set up correctly, legally deferring capital gains taxes and optimizing your investment outcomes.

source: https://capitalgainstaxsolutions.com/real-estate-and-the-power-of-a-deferred-sales-trust/


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