4 Elements of an Unforgettable Wedding Infographic

Traditional and extravagant weddings can create an experience treasured for the rest of one’s life. It appears that “luxury” has become a buzzword in the last few years, as evidenced by wedding planners using it without understanding what it means and people using it in front of their titles. 

What is a Luxury Wedding?

It’s all about the experience at a luxury wedding. Premium enjoyment is expensive but focuses on exclusivity, experience, and sophistication. It’s a lavish occasion that would look great in a glossy publication. The experience is enhanced for the couple because they receive individualized concierge service from beginning to end, and it is enhanced for the guests because they get to take part in a unique and opulent occasion they will remember. A luxury wedding involves rigorous planning and flawless execution of every single element.

Average Cost

Traditional Wedding:

A traditional wedding has a guest list of roughly 100 individuals, costing $50 to $60,000. Non-luxury weddings can still be beautiful and frequently have a ceremony followed by a reception decorated with roses. At the event, there will typically be a photographer and, more often than not, a documentary maker, as well as some invitations.

Luxury Wedding:

The average cost of a luxury wedding is $100,000, and 10% exceeds $1 million. Traditional weddings compete on a completely different level from luxury weddings. No money is spared, and the event is customized to the couple’s preferences. Luxury weddings feature all the same elements as traditional weddings, lighting, live music, costume changes, and other surprises designed to bring unique aspects to the evening. 

What it Takes to Plan a Luxury Wedding

You can’t have a luxurious wedding by just spending more money. To pull off a luxury wedding, a lot of work, a committed wedding planner, and organization is required. For this reason, it’s critical to work with a company that has successfully planned dozens of luxury weddings.

A lavish wedding can require up to 1,000 hours of preparations. When you have a committed staff, they shoulder most of the workload, are always available, and put in extra effort to ensure you only have to handle enjoyable tasks.

Your wedding planner should give you and your significant other the impression that you are the only couple being married in the entire globe. 

Luxury Weddings Make a Statement

Attractive features can also be found in traditional weddings, but luxury weddings are on a whole other level of luxury and majesty. Our white-glove service, where we make sure to be accessible, vigilant, and make you feel important, is offered to couples who work with us to organize a luxury wedding. We ensure you understand how deserving you are of shining on your special day. To create the ultimate luxury experience, we take the time to listen to you, reduce your stress, and get to work.

There is a noticeable difference between entering a traditional wedding party and a luxury one since luxury weddings have a larger budget, allowing us to be ten times more diligent about the details.

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